Delayed Marriage

DELAYED MARRIAGES – Reasons & issues Few decades ago fixation of marriage was quite simple, people known in the circle, few references would facilitate marriage faxations. But over last few decades, this has become a big social & burning issue. This is becoming more prudent in the m View Detail..
Childless Couples

Astrology Solution for Childless Couples

The biggest happiness a woman can have after marriage is to become a mother. Most women who have an overwhelming urge to fall pregnant are not able to conceive for some reasons and consequently, they are dejected and begin to feel that the society looks down upon them. Also, sexual unison, conceptio View Detail..
family disputes

family disputes

Family disputes can arise due to faults of our own self, close relatives, sibling rivalry, generations gap, pre-occupied minds, non- adaptability,  persisting on going conflicts, monetary greed, financial or social complexes, property matters & many more like this. These tendencies are some View Detail..
court cases and litigation

Court Cases and Litigation Issues

Litigations and court cases are enemies of peace of mind, which are becoming more and more in number these days. There are some definite factors responsible for such problems. Some planetary position in auspicious houses in the Kundli/birth chart,  clearly indicate the likelihood of contro View Detail..
Children Career Selection

Children Career Selection By Astrologically

Children Career Selection – Astrologically  If you are a child, and want to dig up the most suitable job profile in your future, you should definitely consider choosing the right field, as it helps you to use your inherent skills, thereby, gives opportunity to select the best suitable View Detail..
Career Problem

Career Problem or abroad settlement by astrologer

Settlement Abroad – Answer by Astrology There are many reasons – onsite job, career problem, business, tourism, change of residence owing to profession, and spouse who belongs to another nation - to stay abroad. Another reason can be most of the family members are living abroad and th View Detail..
business related issues

business related issues

Business-related Issues Most people continue to be in the professional or business they’ve inherited from their elders. Some people do it because of their own interest while some do it because of circumstance. This is the first aspect. However, the most important question is why and how som View Detail..