Anapatya Yoga is a simple Yoga which is said to deny children. It is caused by Jupiter and the lords of the Lagna, the 5th and 7th houses being weak. This is the least malefic of the Yogas covering children. The 2nd, 5th and 7th lords conjoining in one sign and the Navamsa lords of these planets View Detail..
Vastu remedies

Vastu remedies for Home Analysis by Astrologer

The following useful points are remedial measures for Nadi Grah Vastu Inside facing door two sides’ right and left windows indicates male and female folks of the house. For Sun and Moon, common enemies are Saturn and Venus. Saturn causes disputes among father and son, slow progress, and View Detail..
Vastu shastra tips

7 Vastu shastra tips for home as per Nadi

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu tips for your House In the main hall, there is no window to the left side. The native has no wife. There is a window to the left in the next room on the northern side which represents the daughter of the Native. The room at the back of it (North W View Detail..
nadi vastu astrology

7 Important Factors of Naddi Vastu |Astrologically

Important factors to be observed in Vastu : The Master bedroom should be towards South. The Kitchen must always be in Southeast direction. Alternatively, it can be in Northwest or eastern side maintaining the fire factor n southeast direction in that place. There is also a provision to have View Detail..
Nadi Graha Vastu

Nadi Graha Vastu:Tips By Astrologer

Significations of planets: The living house is another indication of the condition of a native. In Naadi Vastu main importance is given to the directions of planets. Each planet signifies certain portions of the house. The direction is independent of the part of the dwelling place. Following a View Detail..
moon and association


MOON AND RAHU The native with this combination will be weird. There will be water zones near his dwelling place, natives with this combination are prone to an evil spell being always under illusions and fear complex. They are the right subject for black magicians, and they are capable of learning View Detail..
Shodasa Vargas

Importance Of Shodasa Vargas And Their Significations:

Shodasa vargas There are many areas in classical astrology that have received only scant treatment at the hands of the ancient Rishis and even the later writers and commentators. The Vargas or the sub-divisional charts are mentioned everywhere but nowhere are we told how to make use of them.What View Detail..
sun and association

Sun And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI

SUN AND MARS Sun is Father and Son is Jeeva karaka the effect of Mars on these significations indicates the stubborn and fury nature of these relatives. It will not be easy for native to interact with them with these qualities. At metaphysical level Sun represents Atma and Mars, indicates shakti View Detail..
saturn and association

Saturn And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI

SATURN AND MARS Saturn is karma (workforce) Mars is ego, haste, enmity. There is always noncooperation from ego and enemy factors of Mars towards profession represented by Saturn. However, there will be cooperation if the work-force is related to significations of Mars yet hurdles will be there View Detail..
Jupiter and its association


JUPITER AND MARS Jupiter is Jeeva (life force- the breath), and Mars is shakti-hastam (power). Combined it indicates sadhana (self-efforts) by which the native will gain extraordinary spiritual attainments. Native may get unbelievable divine revelations in dreams, and some may come true. Native View Detail..