Have I chosen the subject correctly? Did I choose the correct specialization course? What is that which is blocking me from getting a Job I deserve? After putting in so much of hard work my position at the work place always hangs in the balance, why it is so? My growth is getting hampered, what should I do? I am fed with what I am doing, I want to start a business, should I do it? I have various options, which one to go for?

Above are the general question most of us may have, but no one has the correct answer to it. The reason being the answers that people offer are biased depending upon the relationship the answer giver has with the native.

I have come across many people who have gone for the wrong choices and now only thing they are left with is repentance. Many astrologers too give advices without knowing the intrigue nature of Chart reading. The astrological trap is, getting recommendation form a person who is apt for reading just the Lagna or D-1 chart whereas this  Lagna Chart or the D-1, is an indicative of the professional pursuits of the native however decisive commandments arrive from the able reading of the various other charts of the native such as the Dashmansa (D-10) , which tells about the elevation of an individual in different professional fields, the Chaturvimshamsha (D-24) which specifies the maximum gains from the available knowledge of the individual, the Saptavimshamsha (D-27) the strength of the individual and the Akshavedshamsha( D-45) , the rise which the native is bound to get.

So, the correct approach for solving any of the above questions is getting a reading form a person who can smartly decipher all your Divisional charts and come out with a solution which is collectively echoed by each one of the chart.  A correct step at a correct point of time is cherished for a very long time.

 I had emphasized on the synchronization of birth time in my previous write up, I trust you have got that done.

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