Birth time synchronisation

Karma Korrection :- Birth time synchronisation

Astrological predictions are based on the accuracy of the horoscope which  is based on the precise noting down of the birth time. The Lagna or birth chart ascendant changes every two hours and this conception raise a common mis-belief among astrologers too, that if the Bhav Madhya ( House mean) is not nearing a cusp ,  a time difference of few minutes would make no difference as the chart does not change. This may be true for those who make their predictions based on just Lagna or D-1 chart , but if the predictions are to be fine tuned and in-depth forecast to be done for better future planning, we need all the SHODASH varga which are the 16 divisional charts that are impossible to construct without accurate birth time  . If I were to plan your career I would need you D-60 Chart which could change every minute.

My experience tells that even the cent percent sure birth times could be flawed which makes the prediction to fall. There are very few astrologers around who can synchronise or rectify  your birth time. It needs special skills to be accomplished enough to do so. One has to be very conversant with the various branches of astrology like the Parashari , Brighu, Krishnamoorthy, south Indian Nadis and the intuitive self to attempt rectification of time. This herculean task may consume some time but when the synchronisation is effectively done, prediction of the past , present and the future is just around the corner. The past life reading and the resulting Karma Korrection can thus be suggested and the life could change.

But this again is a massive task, as one should be backed by enough knowledge and experience. Few people in this karmic world are equipped with the skills to let you know what the Almighty Bhrama has in store for you. Once the right horoscopes are constructed, they can surely illuminate your path for the future. Why wait! Come get a reading of your past lives, past present life, and future . Also know what karma Korrection is needed for better fructification of results. 







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