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pitra dosh

Pitra Dosh Na Lagaye Sendh Dan Par

pitra dosh badhit na kre vyapar

Pitra Dosh Badhit Na kre Vyapar

pitra dosh badhit na kre vivah

Pitra Dosh Badhit Na kre Vivah

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FOR Getting Astrological guidance on all probable problems in Human Life with Birth Time accuracy from relevant D Charts & Karmic Korrections. 


More About Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Titled as BAJRANGI , a Doctorate in Astrology Science popularly known as DR VINAY BAJRANGI & practicing on Astrological Guidance in India & abroad, is little different from the orthodox Jyotish Acharyas. His deep study on the various branches on Ancient Astro Science like Bhrigu, Parashari, KP, South Nadi, North Indian techniques operated in tandem to work out Karmic based astrological solutions make him a comprehensive Astrological cum Karma Korrection guide.

His METHODOLOGY of starting Horoscope analysis with verifying the birth details, deeper study from the respective D Charts ( unlike reading only Lagna Chart), identifying the reasons of problems, co - relating the sme with your previous life & past of present life, giving solutions with time frame, telling the truth upfront in case of "no solutions" & interface for subsequent queries gives you a confidence that you banked on the right astrologer.

His EXPERTISE on various methods of astrology as mentioned above with further expertise on Vastu Shastra, face reading, hand writing reading , past life analysis, sessions on post married life issues to name a few makes him an authority in providing astrological services.


Vinay Bajrangi


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Solutions of pre - marriage issues like delayed marriage, love or arranged marriage, Match making & compatibility, obstructions in marriage,  OR Post marriage issues like extra marital affairs, divorce like situation, family disturbances, childlessness, broken marriage, second marriage, financial issues, bad or good omens of spouse. Get the reasons analysed , get solutions with time frame.


Selection of Right Stream in the beginning of any career  without outside influences , then Employee OR Employer Yog, better place to stablise, Abroad settlement, selection of Right Field for job, selection of  Business Commodities, Business Composition, Financial structure, Selection or UNREST of Employees, YES EMPLOYEES etc are some of the points where spending few minutes at the right time can have long lasting impact on our lives. 


Business issues ,sudden or regular losses, business not growing, business loans, new business prospects, Job related issues like no job, Job would be Govt or Pvt , Stagnation in job, wrong job field selection , Abroad settlement, Change of Job, Relations at workplace & likewise issues can be resolved with proper reasoning, karmic korrections & may be small remedial measures if guided from deep Horoscopic Analysis. 



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