Who is Dr. Vinay Bajrangi?

Who is Dr. Vinay Bajrangi?

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the Vedic Astrologer at Bajrangi Dham, says that he is a hard core follower if Lord Bajrangi Bali and is blessed with some divine powers by this greatest Lord. He is a highly-qualified personality with numerous accreditations including Doctor of Philosophy of Astrological Science, Numerologist, Gemmologist, Graphologist, and Vasthu consultant. He is an eminent and well-informed Hindu Vedic Astrologer.


He has seen and analyzed more than 45000 Horoscopes from all age groups and spheres, nationally as well as internationally, so far. The vedic astro science he practices is based on an extensive study of various North-Indian techniques, South’s Naadi (One of the channels in our body that carry energy) techniques, and ancient vedic doctrines of Maharishi Brighu (One of the seven great sages, the Saptharishis, one of the numerous Prajapathis, created by Lord Brahma, the creator) and Maharishi Parashar (The author of many ancient Indian texts, including the first Purana, the Vishnu Purana).


All these aforementioned approaches, coupled with expertise in these spheres of influence, make him a trustworthy and sought-after Indian Vedic Astrologer in Delhi NCR. Besides, he is involved in regular research on the causes and solutions of different cases and complications that he encounters, meeting so many followers every day. These accreditations and skills have transformed him from a traditional, orthodox astrologer to a successful Karma Korrector. As a Karma Korrector, he examines the important events in your past life and past of your present life, highlights the causes of the problems you are facing in the present life, and then recommends the remedial measures to overcome them so as to lead a smooth future life. In short, he facilitates you to achieve your ultimate goals and will pay personal attention and dedication until you accomplish your desired goals. He does this by directing you in altering the path you are taking keeping the movement of the planets in your birth chart in mind.


He has mastered the practices and methods of Indian Vedic Astrology and developed some techniques by himself to interpret the natal/birth charts and correct the path of the individuals so as to enable them to reap maximum benefits in life. Bajrangi Dham, whose literal meaning is “Abode of Bajrangi Bali,” is an astrological centre that was established with this aim. Bajrangi Dham came to light in June 2003 with the headquarters in Noida, Delhi NCR, a city adjoining the nation’s capital. Before its set up, the meetings were happening face to face privately.


This far, Bajrangi Dham has catered to nearly a million clients by various means – face to face and telephonic call – and the number is increasing. The huge client base would not have been possible without providing trustworthy solutions.