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Today's Forecast for 20 Jun 2018

Vinay bajrangi Today's Forecast
aries aries

Be careful and vigilant today, advises Ganesha. You will be a part of a party or social event, and you carry a befitting vigor and enthusiasm. The best part is you will maintain a balance between work and personal life. 

taurus taurus

Aries natives have a tendency to hurry in everything, like Leo. Elders from the family have to ensure that children do not reflect this quality, in order to better organize themselves. Yellow color gives you a special power today.

gemini gemini

You’ll spent most of the time in chatting or discussions, speakingout of both sides of your mouth. So, if there are situations in which the only pass time is talking, you’ll rule the roost. You’ll spend as much time as possible with family members. The number four will have significance in your today’s life.

cancer cancer

Good chances for promotion, new business avenues could emerge, buy items with fragrance, good day for artists & theatre people; those studying should spend night hours reading for better results. Work with accuracy else avoid.  

leo leo

There might be an increase in financial gains. Some Leo natives benefit from speculation. You need to take good care of your health as there is a reduction in appetite. Also, you need to intake more healthy foods. Spend less time in crowded places and avoid being idle for a long time.

virgo virgo

You must start learning from the bad experiences you’ve had in life. Also, you must realize how important patience is. It will help you especially in situations when you get annoyed with some people’s talks. 

libra libra

Gains in terms of emoluments, business deals on the way, avoid taking brisk decisions defer them, may encounter health hazards, avoid using own vehicles, old contacts could give gains, avoid buying new vehicles, be forgettable. 

scorpio scorpio

You need to think twice before you express your views in conversations. Although annoyances are few, they have a big impact on you. Take breathers every now and then, to refresh yourself. Number nine is lucky for you. 

sagittarius sagittarius

You’ll go on foreign tours for business purposes, and have a rendezvous with important clients to discuss about a long-term contract. You’ll unexpectedly receive payment that was a long overdue. This will make a significant difference to your bank balance. All these are indications of having a whale of a time in the near future. 

capricorn capricorn

You are plunked for a lovely, romantic evening today. A similar event might be repeated tomorrow, too. You might get into a candid conversation with one of your friends. You need to be meticulous so as to not spoil your mood. 

aquarius aquarius

It is time to see the fruits for your assiduous, hard work today. Change your strategies – analyze the pros and cons of every situation and draw a sketch on paper about distribution of tasks. Not to mention, the execution of the new strategies will need more commitment. 

pisces pisces

Don’t go overboard with your sarcasm. Some people might misinterpret your statements, which might lead to problems, as you must keep in mind that not everyone apprehends your humor. Let your communication be lucid always. Express any story without any exaggeration in order to make it juicer. Share the truth as you heard it, as it will feel better about the situation.