Sun And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI


Sun is Father and Son is Jeeva karaka the effect of Mars on these significations indicates the stubborn and fury nature of these relatives. It will not be easy for native to interact with them with these qualities. At metaphysical level Sun represents Atma and Mars, indicates shakti. This gives power and firmness to native to achieve success in that field. It is a desirable quality.

 The material of Sun-like success, fame, and governing factors will have to overcome the obstructive nature of Mars. These affluence factors will have the technical qualities of Mars. Though there is an undesirable factor, yet there is no serious enmity as such. Mars represents brother. The association of Sun makes his brother proud and influenced by governing factors. There is no enmity between them.


The living matters indicated by Sun will undergo a change of place or travel for progress and possibly get help from others. This is because Moon reflects Sun and cannot have any enmity with it. On the other side Moon, represents Mother and the different female relationship of the native. Apparently, they get the pride of Sun in their nature, which is not an inimical aspect. Metaphysically there is a close relationship between Atma and manah (mind). With Sun, Moon cannot influence its negative qualities.


Rahu being a kalapurusha is bound to trouble father or even cause the life-endangering situation. This combination may also deprive the native of male progeny. If sanctioned the male progeny may meet premature death, or the survived one may turn out to be an antisocial element. Metaphysically, Sun being atma does not like to be shadowed. Instead of its essential dignities, other materialistic significations of Sun acquire unethical aspects of Rahu. Paternal grandfather signified by Rahu can be attributed with the material dignities of Sun. However, this is of no use the native. Therefore, Rahu is an outright destiny breaker in this combination.


Spiritually Sun is Atma and Mercury is buddhi. This combination inclines native to learn difficult subjects. Sun represents governing factors and the education signified by Mercury will tend to learn political or get help from the government. Sun referred to, as dhanwantari (lord) of medicine). Native may be interested in studying medicine.

 Mercury being an education planet with Sun indicates success in education. Sun represents the father, and with Mercury, it explains the financial and intellectual abilities of a father. Native’s Son also is similarly disposed . Mercury represents younger siblings. It indicates their essential life. There are no inimical factors involved n this combination.


Unless Jeeva or karma relates to spirituality, there is no chance of metaphysical amicability between these two planets. Sun represents reputed, or government and Venus represent affluence. Native may gain wealth from these resources. Semen is Venus and Sun is fire. Unification of these two elements will burn the semen rendering progeny problem to native.

Combination of these two planets will also result in ovaries problem in females causing pregnancy problem. Due to this, there is a severe problem n having especially a male progeny. With remedial measures, there is the possibility of getting at least one male progeny. One of the female folks from native’s house will lead a prosperous life n a respectable family. The wife of the native may have ornamental collections. Both the planets behave as breaker and maker to the native.


Nadi says that the native is the reincarnation of one of the ancestors and native will have shades of traits of such ancestor. Native will be an elite circle of friends. With unique knowledge, native will strive for prestige and leads a life as a noted person with respect. Metaphysically Sun is Atma and Jupiter is Jeeva. This is jeevatma samyoga. Atma drives actions. Sun as destiny makers justified utterly.


Atma, in fact, does not support any karma. Metaphysically both the planet oppose n this matter. In professional life, the native will have to face harassments. Father also overcomes such situations. One of the brothers of the father had support from the governing factors. Native may take up father’s profession or some other profession related to significations of Sun. This combination creates disputes between father and son. In the initial stages, Native’s son will be lazy roaming with bad company and in the later part of the life prospers in life. With an element of distaste, Sun acts as more a destiny maker.