Saturn And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI


Saturn is karma (workforce) Mars is ego, haste, enmity. There is always noncooperation from ego and enemy factors of Mars towards profession represented by Saturn. However, there will be cooperation if the work-force is related to significations of Mars yet hurdles will be there irrespective of nature of profession.

 At every stage of promotion at the workplace, there will be backbiters conspiring to pull him down. This will at time cause aversion towards work. Saturn is karma and Mars is injuries. This combination indicates some physical harm due to karma. Mars represents brother and husband. These two living matter significations will face ordeal from enemies. Despite constant irritating factors, Mars does not entirely act as a breaker.


Moon representing food and opposes the working force of Saturn. The Native is tending to enjoy food and rest. The blemish effects of Moon will often arise in the professional life. He may resort to traveling related job, or his profession may call for frequent changes. Moon also represents art, travel, and liquid, etc., which makes the native to get involved in these professions. The disturbed professional life will also affect the family life creating restless situations. Professional unsteadiness may be seen due to the fickleness of mind.

The statement of income and expenditure will carry forward nil balance due to the effect of Moon.  He may also be prone to lung-related severe problems Saturn represents elder brother. He would have changed many places in the profession and faced blemish factors. He might be suffering from cold-related issues. The mother might be working, and she might face phlegm related problems. Though not alarming the situations Moon creates here not palatable to the professional life of the native.


Saturn is karma, and Rahu is Maya, chaaya, videsha, apasavya, and gupta. Maya karma means illusionary work, which may fail. Chaaya karma means, work related to shadow and light indicating cinema or visual media work. Videsha karma is different related work. Apasavya karma means performing last rites or doing an unethical job. Gupta karma means undercover work. In our case studies, we find that Rahu also represents repetitive nature. This causes repeating the same action. Rahu also indicates big, vast and increase. This will create an overload of work in the profession.

 Rahu also represents wheels, and the work may relate to vehicle-related or any wheels related work. Saturn indicates elder brother and connection of Rahu indicates a life-endangering situation or ill health to an elder brother who stays away from native if survived. The conjunction of Saturn with Rahu makes Saturn fall n the axis of Rahu and Ketu. Under these circumstances without the link of other planets, the native will have very critical problems in life.


Karma (Saturn) mukti (Ketu) which itself indicate the end of karma. With this combination, there will be obstructive and disputable situations n any profession. Often there will be sorrows, and quitting tendencies. At every step, there are obstructions in progress. In the absence of other planet’s support the work significations of Ketu, which include, weaving, tailoring, painting or printing, and any other low profile job will be helpful in pulling on the life.

This combination s best suited for multi karma that is spiritual related or human welfare-related work like medicine, law, and welfare counseling. In these fields, the native will thrive. Saturn also represents elder brother who will be inclined towards spirituality. He will face problems in life and ill health. This combination also makes the native prone to disease that causes pains and blocks, Ketu materially failed to support any progress in the general profession. However, the occupations related to Ketu are well supported. Ketu acts as both maker and breaker in this combination.


Spiritually this combination is right for buddhi karma. In material matters, Saturn signifies profession. It also indicates slow, delay and laziness. Due to this native consumes time in learning as well to express it. Native at times will be lazy in his activities. Native shows interest in the sober profession and will prosper in a transaction relating to land and business. Native will meet a friend of opposite sex with similar qualities.

Our observation is that the native may take up commercial activities independently or with others. They also take teaching line. One of the siblings will be work minded and will have slow progress and problems in marital life. The native may develop a relationship with other sex at the workplace. Native may also be interested in occult matters and may turn his interest info profession. However, except for the delay factor, this combination supports as destiny maker.


There must be returns for work done. This combination ensures it. At given point of time native s sure to have affluence. Ordinarily, such natives prosper with affluence after marriage. His profession may relate to finance, assets, arts, and luxuries. The female folks signified in the male chart or female chart will have some earning. Female natives may have some dissatisfaction in life. They may at times become lazy. Ultimately, Venus is a destiny with karma karaka.


Dharma karmadi yoga formed with this combination indicates that the native even if having secondary educational attainment professionally, will be in a good position having people working under them. There are also chances of rising to the rank of professor, doctor, judge or a religious institutional head. They have respect n the society. Being moderately spiritual, they are concerned about their family welfare.

Keeping away from litigations, they diplomatically plan things to their benefit yet maintaining their social status. They extend cooperation even to affluent persons in the society lest they are not that affluent. They are troubled with digestive problems. Female natives with this combination maintain their pride and prestige before and after marriage. They are capable of raising the status of the family despite husband being helpless.   

In most of the above combination, there is no clear-cut enmity or friendship factor. Besides the effects are again subject to change by their placement in signs. We need to consider essential and functional dignities of planets in each symbol, which modifies the results of the desired combination. Therefore, though the Nadi rules appear to be simple, it needs the understanding of the subtle logic in the states. Grouping or the table of karakatwa given n this work is for easy reference but the logic to qualify the right signification comes from constant reading and practicing.