Right Practices of Astrology: Karma Korrection

Right Practices of Astrology

Right Practices of Astrology: Karma Korrection

What is the meaning of astrology? Are we able to interpret its readings correctly? Are we able to apply it appropriately to our lives? Are we following it in the right manner as per the description in our “Vedas?”

Today, I would reveal prevailing practices of astrology and how it is so inappropriately followed by the people who believe in it.

Let us first look into the reasons behind this? The huge numbers of people who visit me for astrological consultation want an instant and easy “Upaay” to any “dosha” which may be persistent in their “Kundli.” Be it Any “Pooja ritual”, “Anushthan”, “Vrat”, or wearing of any “Ratna”; they expect it to provide an immediate remedy to their “Dosha.” Was this the exact technique of correcting any “dosha” as per the ancient astrology? No. Our Vedas suggest a different corrective course of astrology and we need to comprehend it correctly here. Let’s say if a person is facing problems with his professional life and his Kundli indicates ill-effects of “Surya”; which makes this person very lazy, being lost all the times, low on confidence and lack of enthusiasm to perform his duties correctly. No “Pooja Ritual” or “Anushthan” could rectify this unless “Jatak” take up corrective measures of his Karmas towards gaining positive results from “Surya.” In this case, at the onset of such actions we pray to Lord Vishnu or to Lord Surya to bestow us with their blessings to help us to be determined to improve upon our short-comings. Thereafter, we proceed with the corrective Karmic course.

If in a Kundli “Fifth House” responsible for education is affected and you are not able to receive it; it is quite possible that your friends or peers may be blocking your growth or creating hindrances for you. Nothing other than Karma correction will be able to rectify this for you. ‘Pooja’ and ‘Anushthans’ are only the means to prepare oneself for the “Prann” (resolution) towards Karmic corrections. The sole purpose of reminiscence of God or “Idol Pooja” is to remind oneself of the qualities of that particular God and thereby, to inspire the worshiper to imbibe the same characteristics of that God in your personality. You are made aware and awakened to the state of conscious improvement and thus made to resolute to improvise upon your karmas.

An astrologer who examines your horoscope correctly and sees through your destiny only to advise possible achievements as per your horoscope, is the true logist of astrology. Everyone’s destiny is predefined by the placements of all “Grehas” at particular positions by Brahma the day we are born. These are specifically placed based upon your previous birth’s Karmas but there is no denial of correction of these in this birth. For example, presence of “Angaarak Yog” position of “Surya”, “Mangal”, “Uchcha-Neech” placement of Grehas… all this indicate a particular life for you. Suppose, if placements of ‘Buddh’ (Mercury) or ‘Brahaspati’ (Jupiter) in your horoscope are not favourably placed for education; this doesn’t deny you education but implies that you will have to put in extra efforts to get it. If ‘Mangal’ is also not favourable and your ‘Lagnesh’ is also ill-affecting; then you will need to first take action to rectify your ‘Lagnesh’ and ‘Mangal’ to be able to pay attention to studies and to gain knowledge from it. Usually, astrologers  suggest to wear a “Pukhraj” for weak ‘Brahaspati’ or for a weak ‘Buddh’ a ‘Buddh hom’ is advised to be performed to receive good results from these planets or for ‘Mangal’ a “Patth- recitation of mantras” is recommended to be done by ten to twelve priests in any temple. But are these the correct recommendations? How will wearing a Ratna, Havan or Mantras improve upon your education? Such ineffectual recommendations are the reason behind the disbelief of new generation in astrology. Your kids laugh when you simply ask them to wear a locket or a ring to help them gain good mark in an exam which is not wrong in the absence of real corrective measures which are actually to be taken for good marks. If their Kundli has ‘Ketu Dosha’ then they need to disconnect themselves from gadgets like mobile, laptops and television etc., or for ‘Shukra Dosha’, they need to refrain from ‘Tamsik nature’ which is diverting their attention from studies.

Likewise, a weaker ‘Surya’ which is causing health problems means you are deprived from the exposure and benefits of energy from Sun. This means you are willing to exercise but are not motivated enough to do it. Thus, instead of recommending worship of lord Vishnu or Surya, the correct recommendation for you is, ‘Surya Namaskar’ (Upaay here) in the morning to gain most from the ‘Surya Urja’ (energy from Sun). This is Karma correction. Worshipping is required before this ‘Upaay’ for a ‘Sankalpa’ (resolution) to gain the missing characteristic or the trait of ‘Surya’ to be able to achieve it successfully.

Now days, these ‘Sankalpas’ have gained a larger portion of astrological practice than the actual corrective practice which is ‘Karma correction’. Many people tell me that “we performed a ‘Havana’ or an ‘Anushthan’ last year but instead of gaining from it we suffered loss after performing it”; it is bound to happen in the absence of knowledge of its performance. You thought, since you have performed an expensive Pooja, now you don’t need to work. You will have automatic windfall of work and money without putting in efforts. This implies that you have moved yourself closer to your negative Grehas after simply performing that Pooja and sitting idle thereafter instead of actual making efforts towards real correction; the Karma correction.

Thus, I strongly recommend you to get your horoscope analyzed by me and know weaker or incorrectly positioned Grehas in your horoscope. Understand the corrective measures, which is only one, the Karma correction (changing your habits which are bad for you); take ‘Sankalpas’ to rectify them. As a Hindu, we only believe in the philosophy of Karmas, so this is the only way to eradicate the ill effect of your Grehas from your horoscope. Part of which, you will have to do, and partly I can help you to find right course of Karmas for a definitely positive outcome. Don’t feel disheartened and get your horoscope analyzed as soon as possible and lead a happy life.