Do you have a Pitra Dosha in your horoscope?

Who told you this?

Understand, most astrologers do not know how to see this Yoga in the horoscope.  The most potent weapon in any astrologer armory is to attribute the difficult times the individual is facing to “ PITRA DOSHA”. Whereas this is farce, they just do not know how to judge the horoscope.

Most of the Pitra Dosha if at all it is there in the horoscope get a “BHANGA” of VOID  yoga.

Having your horoscope judged wrongly for Pitra Dosha can have these negative results.

  • You can be subjected to costly ritual, the need of which was not there.
  • The problem lied somewhere else, but our focus never went there.
  • The problem never vanishes.
  • The belief in astrology fades away .

I, Vinay Bajrangi, will personally examine your horoscope for this yoga and give an online report so that atleast you are not robbed of your time and money.