Past Life Readings

Past life accomplishments or the previous incarnations deeds can be responsible to many of your present life domino effect which otherwise has no explanation or you may be clueless as to what is happening.


  • Your past lives cast a serious impact on your present life.
  • You may have born to accomplishment something and your life may be swayed forcefully towards it.
  • You are not able to attribute your miseries to any of your present deed.
  • You may be blessed for something.
  • You may be born with a particular trait, not common to anyone.

The answers to above definitely lies in your past life reading .

  • Understand your uniqueness
  • Understand the purpose of your birth.
  • Understand what you surely won’t get.
  • Understand what is meant for you.
  • Understand the reminiscence of the previous life.
  • How far is your MOKSHA
  •  What should be your KARMA KORRECTION.
  • Understand on what you should work, so that nothing much haunts you in your next life.
  • Understand the karmic connection between you and your family members.


This is your past life reading and the USP of Dr Vinay Bajrangi.

Get a reading of the life time; this is bound to change your life.