Parashari Expert

Parashari Expert

Astrology is an extensive area under discussion and is intensifying by degrees. There are various systems of astrology and each of them has its nobility and limitation. A system that is effective for one person might not be effective to all. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a learned Hindu Vedic Astrologer a PhD. holder in astrology, has command in all the systems in Hindu Astrology including Parashari system, system, Jaimini Astrology, Ashtavarga Astrology, and Prashna Astrology. He has learned the ruling principles in a particular system of astrology and mastered the art of prophecy. When you consult our pandith, he will first determine which one will be effective in your case. The Parashari Astrology is practiced exclusively in North India while Jaimini Astrology is followed in South India. Although there are so many systems of astrology, the prime aspects such as planets, houses, and signs are almost same in every system. The predictive work is based on the characteristics acquired by various planets owing to their lordship of different houses.

Laghu Parashari, aka Jaathaka Chandhrika, is an important dissertation based on the “Vimshotthari Dhasha System” or “Udu Dhasha” system that has been in fashion ever since the evolution of “Maharshi Parashara” system.  It was originally written in Sanskrith in the usual Sloka form and consists of 42 verses divided into five chapters, namely Samajna Adhyaya, Yoga Adhaya, Samajna Adhaya, Dhasha Phala Adhyaya, and Misraka Adhyaya. The Parashara Astrology is said to be the most vivid yet simple system of astrology. This is a succinct but important treatise on Hindu Astrology, particularly on the predictive part. It facilitates those who want to explore deep into the ocean of predictive astrology.

Laghu Parashari has a place of pride in Hindu Astrological story. Its siddhaantha or principles stem from Brihath Parashara Hora Shaasthra, considered as the gospel book of astrology. But the word has been misinterpreted over time because of the peculiarity of the Sanskrith language.

In the southern part of India, Laghu Parashari Siddhaantha are studied as Jaathaka Chandhrika, comprising of about 80 slokas, composed by Venkatesha Panditha. The Jaathaka Chandhrika tells about the propitious and unpropitious planets intended for 12 Lagnas and certain general principles. Thus, the name Laghu Parashari-Jaathaka Chandhrika is adopted, which consists of all the slokas.

The Parashari system of astrology is to be the most plentiful literature available on this planet. Expert astrologers say that a major part of the Jaimini suthras is yet to be located and interpreted. Parashari Astrology is a prominent method that is effective, but not meant for everyone.

Most of the people avoid astrology thinking it is too complicated and want to accomplish the desired goal in a simplistic way.

If you are curious about your future, and want to dive into astrology, visit Bajrangi Dham, in the Delhi NCR region and meet Dr. Vinay Bajrangi. If you think a particular system of astrology is effective for you let him know about it or leave it to him to decide which one will be effective for you.