Nadi Expert

Nadi Expert

Naadi Astrology, aka Naadi Jyothdam, is a form of Dharma Astrology, practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and neighbouring states, in India. Several hundreds of years ago, there were great Rishis (Sages) who could know the future of a person, by just looking at them. They say these predictions were written on palm leaves in a particular script and Naadi Jyothists used these leaves to know the future of anyone.

The population of the world is around 7.5 billion. According to predictions based on Sun, if we put these people in 12 houses equally, all the people in each house will have the same horoscope, meaning their predictions will be the same. Essentially, there will be 12 sets of horoscopes, regardless of the age, cast, creed, and religion of the people.

As per Naadi Astrology, the Zodiac is broken up into twelve identical sub divisions of Signs with identical sub divisions of 37 Nakshathras, which are in turn divided into “Sub Lords.” Naadi Astrology zones into these sub lords, which are powerful than the Nakshathras, which are stronger than the planets. This shows that the Naadi system that is based on the

Sign, Nakshathra, and Sub Lord gives better predictions than most other systems of astrology.

The prediction based on Naadi technique is distinct from that of Vedic Astrology; a Naadi reader simply reads the predictions written on the palm leaves, an ancient technique that needs enormous time to learn. Naadi readers, essentially, don’t predict the events in a person’s life and thus they are not called astrologers. Instead, they’re known as Naadi Readers.

In the Naadi system of Astrology, the reader devises the horoscope of the native by taking date, time, and place of birth, and drawing the Lagna chart and Nirayana Bhaava Chalit Chart. A particular event, for instance Marriage, is predicted by assessing a combination of houses. Most other systems of Astrology do not give accurate predictions of events. However, with Naadi Astrology or Predictive Hindu Astrology, we can have pinpointed predictions on any events including education, property issues, vehicle purchase, travel, career, health, marriage, child birth, and lifespan. Through methods of astrology, one can only predict certain events with some time frames whereas, by means of Naadi technique, one can predict the events with the year of its occurrence.

Traditional Naadi readers are fewer in numbers who have mastered the art from their predecessors. This way, the Naadi technique has been passed down to the younger generations. To prevent this ancient art from disappearing and to ensure that the future generations also adopt it, there are some remote places in India where it is taught and practiced. In addition, there are some online classes also.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi will identify the obstructions that are keeping you stuck and sluggish and rid of them through the Naadi technique. Equipped with several years of experience in Astrology and Naadi Reading (so-called Mythical Science), he arrives at the accurate predictions of major events in a native’s life.