Meaning Of Zodiac And Its Elements: Astrologically

What is ZODIAC?

The Zodiac is an imaginary belt stretching about 9 degree north and 9 degree south of the eclipse within which the planets and the Moon remain in the course of their movement. In case of the Moon, the deviation from the ecliptic is about + 5 degree. Zodiac belt is divided into 12 equal parts each of 30 degree, and each Part is called a sign. According to the western system of Astrology, the first sign, i.e., Aries starts from the point of intersection of the ecliptic and the equator.

Zodiac Sign and its Elements

There are 12 signs in Zodiac. It’s based on 4 elements like that:




Aries , Leo , Sagittarius


Taurus, Virgo , Capricorn


Gemini , Libra , Aquarius


Cancer , Scorpio , Pisces

Note: These signs has a stretch of 30 degree in the Zodiac

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