Mars And Its Association With Different Planet As Per NADI


Moon mind and Mars is fury. This leads the native to get mental tensions. Native at times puts across idiotic behaviour. We observe such persons will not maintain a steady personality. Moon is mind and Mars is power. If they divert their concentration such persons may attain powers of mantra. One of the brothers may travel to many places. Mother of the native must have met with fire or such related accident. She is also stubborn and egoistic in nature.

One of the family progeny will be stubborn in nature and will have stress in marital life. In a female horoscope, Mars represents husband. Husband will be capricious in nature and he might have shifted from his birthplace. He may resort to travelling related activities. In Naadi, planets Venus and Mars represent husband and wife. Other planets placed n between or associated with them will tell about their family life. Mars is having Moon with it and this makes Moon to come in between Venus and Mars.  Venus and Moon do not go together. Husband being capricious in nature, based on gossips, he doubts his wife. This combination leads often disputer in family life. Except for conditional spiritual support, this combination is a destiny breaker.


This is the right description of “kujadosha”. This combination creates misunderstanding in family life. The native is impulsive charged with unexpressed fury. Native is prone to accidents. One of his brothers might meet premature death or survive after immeasurable distress in life. On the contrary, the native may not have a brother. The native may diagnosed for blood impurities leading to serious problem of heart and other organs. In our analysis, Mars is body and Rahu is illusion. Such persons are not as they appear. This also indicates illusion in vitality.

In a female horoscope, this indicates husband’s recklessness, greediness, emotional attitude and his concern over petty maters. We also find such persons irrespective of their mental anguish lack in dashing nature. If Venus/Moon representing arts joins with these two planets, they tend towards performing arts like theatre or cinema. Of course, the success level or professionalism depends on the involvement of other planets. With lesser possibility of favourable aspects, this combination is a breaker.


Marriage is meeting of two bodies and then unification of mind turning those soul mates. The body signification of Mars is blocked-up by Ketu. The first requisite of marriage is weak. It causes difficulty in marriage prospects. Somehow, if pushed through marriage disputes are inevitable in marital life. Despite in a continued married life, wife and children dominate such natives. Native may also suffer from ill health due to nervous weakness. One of the brothers will lead a spiritual life and there are chances that he stays away from kith and kin under certain planetary configuration. No. Not a good combination better call it a destiny breaker.