Marriage Prediction & Kundli Matching by Date of Birth

Marriage Prediction & Kundli Matching by Date of Birth

What Can Cause Delay in Marriages?

A few decades ago, fixation of marriages was quite simple and hassle free, and did not involve too much apprehension of the future life of the newly married, as it was done within the circle of influence that you already know. It is not the same now. It has become a big social and burning issue. We must try and analyse the reasons for this rather than blaming ourselves or the generations before and after us, which is the natural tendency of most of the people. Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, having an exposure of thousands of such cases, enumerates few reasons as below:

  • Impact of the past life or the past of the present life
  • Mangal or Manglik Dhosham in the Kundli (Birth chart)
  • Hindrances from within the family members
  • Education and status of the married-to-be, especially the girl
  • Hidden inclination towards the opposite sex
  • Too much expectation from the other side
  • Hidden weaknesses in an individual

Review the correlation among the aforementioned factors, identified by Dr. Bajrangi in your Kundli matching for marriage by looking at it from various angles. This will help you arrive at the Marriage prediction by date of birth and find exact reasons that cause issues in a marriage. Dr. Bajrangi gives precise remedies or solutions to overcome the present issues and directs you towards Karma Korrection for future life.

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Typically, people analyze the 7th house of the Kundli and draw conclusions. However, it is important that many other aspects need to be assessed thoroughly, from different angles. By studying all these charts from different angles, you can spot the reasons for the delay in marriages and find out a way.