legitimacy of child:Astrologically


legitimacy of child

There are tools in Vedic astrology through which the legitimacy test can be carried out. It is as good as the DNA tests. The broad matters are enumerated below but can only be used as a referral and should be applied under the able guidance of some senior and experienced astrologer.

Some vedic guidelines of Legitimate child

  1.  5H in Jupiter‘s sign in any 6 divisional Charts indicates legitimate child .
  2.  Jupiter‘s aspect on Lagna, Moon or Sun in Rashi or Navamsha ( in Prashna ) means legitimate child otherwise suspicious.
  3.  5H from Lagna or Moon having a benefit association indicates lawfulness.
  4. 5H in Mercury‘s sign (Aquarius or Taurus Lagna )  aspected by Saturn gives a Kshetraja i.e., born to one ‘s wife from another person with the husband ‘s consent .
  5.  Mercury (OH) in 5H aspected by Moon indicates that a child will be purchased.
  6. Saturn (OH) in 5H aspected by Moon suggests that the native is an adopted child.
  7.  Saturn is D/7’s   5H of Mar‘s sign (unaspected by other) gives a Kritrima i.e., nursing other’s child as his own.
  8.  Mars Aspecting Sun in 5H of Saturn’s Vargas provides an adhama with Prabhava – born to one‘s wife secretly by a low cast male.
  9.  Moon in Mars’s Navamsha  aspected by Saturn gives a Gudhodpanna – born to one ‘s wife secretly by man of equal status .
  10.  Sun aspects Mars in 5H of Saturn‘s   Vargas provides an apvidha with – one neglected after birth.
  11. Venus+Sun aspecting (Saturn + Moon) in 5H of Saturn‘s Vargas gives a Punarbhava – born from 2nd husband after woman renounces the 1st one.
  12.  5H of Cancer (Pisces Lagna ) conjunct or aspect of Sun provides a Kanika with – born to an unmarried girl.
  13. Venus aspecting Sun or Moon in 5H of Sun or Moon‘s   Vargas   gives a Sahoda – born to 2nd wife.
  14. 5H aspected by Venus in Venus‘s Navamsha born from a concubine (similar for aspected of Moon in Moon ‘s Navamsha).

Many different tools that are available. But again it is to be understood that these are not be used by a novice.

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