Kundli Milaan or Marriage Compatibility

Kundli Milaan or Marriage Compatibility


Matching of charts for marriage compatibility is not just the deduction of AsthaKoot Milan or the Gun Milan for which softwares are freely available across the web but it much more than that.

I would say that AsthaKoot Milan is just a preliminary investigation into matching of horoscopes. We have to check further deep in to the matching of horoscopes.It is worth mentioning that people fall in trap by assuming that the marriage could be solemnized once theAasthakoot gun croses 18 points.

Please understand the methodology behind perfect matching horoscopes and also understand very few people follow this methodology as it is a complex subject and not know to many.

After the Gun Milan the following Milan is also done for complete matching:

  • Mangal Milan
  • Shukra- Mangal Milan
  • Karaka Milan.
  • Longevity Milan
  • Marriage longevity Milan
  • Mental Milan
  • Financial Milan
  • Family Milan
  • Navamsha Milan


These are the points which have to taken into consideration before finally accepting or rejecting a compatibility.


Here I will give you a online report with a ‘YES’ or a ‘NO’ as the case may be .