Today, I am going to discuss about the people who approach me with specific problem and seek an absolute remedy about it. It remains my endeavour to let them know what actual problems are and what they must really be bearing at the moment rather than listening to what they think is the actual problem. I will address a particular case here. Recently, a person visited me and after a complete analysis of his horoscope, I asked him “how his married life was?” He completely denied discussing about it and said this was not his existent problem. Then, I asked him to tell me about the happiness in his family life but again he was reluctant and said these were really not his queries about which he seeks an answer for. He was disappointed with my questions, as he thought I couldn’t comprehend his problem correctly. He said that he was apprehensive about my reading as I was not addressing what he expects me to put light on.  

He suggested letting me know his real problem himself so I could provide him with remedies to it. He was upset and troubled about not getting promotion at his job. He felt hugely humiliated and overlooked by the fact that in place of him, his junior got promoted. Although, he had been waiting for this promotion from past two years but he had not been valued appropriately. He clearly wanted a solution and corrective remedy to this setback. But at the same time was not sure, if I could rectify it for him as according him I couldn’t get his actual problem at the first place.

I will reveal here, how I addressed his queries and what I explained to him. More often than not for a troublesome professional life a solution through performing a ritual or ‘Pooja’ is advised for rectification of stars and gain progress. But this is a very superficial approach to resolve the situation. Rather than rectifying, the situation of ‘Jatak’ becomes complex  as he becomes complacent and after such rituals he drops even little efforts what he could have made to come out from such a situation. A detailed study of horoscope and all the houses are required to be seen to come up with an accurate corrective course of action.  

Coming back to the case we were talking about, when I studied this person’s horoscope, I found fourth and seventh house activated in it. Fourth house represents ‘domestic happiness’ and being activated indicates troubles in it. Seventh house is for ‘Spouse’ and activeness here points to gains from spouse or a troublesome married life. His seventh house was disturbed, so it clearly indicated problems for him. Surprisingly, he was less willing to discuss about it and he found this question way too diverted. But upon my repeated question, he revealed that he has never had a good relationship with his wife and he doesn’t have a satisfactory family life either. His son doesn’t obey him and has chosen a course against his wish and otherwise listening to his mother. This was exactly what I was trying to explain to him for a long time that he is ignoring his family life thinking that it is not significant to get it improved. It may or may not get better; it didn’t seem to matter to him. Note here, seventh house in a horoscope is the secondary house of profession. It is inevitable to avoid it for a good professional life. Although tenth house is responsible for your professional life but when you start counting from tenth house then seventh house is the tenth place. Thus, if it is activated then the ‘Jatak’ will face problems in professional life, if not primary problems then secondary ones for sure. Like, as primary problems you may not find a job or lose your job but as secondary problems, promotion will be denied, you may not get good increment or may have a problematic relationship with your boss. After listening to this he felt a little inclined to listen to what I had to recommend. Further I told him, that the fourth house is the complimentary house of the tenth house. If we need to understand degree of education for someone then eleventh house from the fifth house should be studied (very few people are aware about this point). So, his fourth and seventh houses needed extreme attention to give complimentary results to tenth house and he definitely needed to work upon Karma correction to get positive results.

This made him question the authenticity of this fact as he has never had a good relation with his wife but he had been fruitfully placed on a nice designation in a government job. In such a situation he should have had a critical professional life and although he was denied two promotions but otherwise his career had been ok. Then, I explained that both the times he was denied a promotion his seventh house was disturbed more. He got his government job when he was not married and his seventh house was dormant at that time and therefore, he got a good job. But after marriage he got in a situation where he was not able to do justice to his job and underperformed which resulted in far lesser growth for him. Had he been able to handle his seventh house well, he would have got much brighter and progressive results in his professional life; to which he agreed completely and accepted my line of reasoning.

Thus, I want to emphasize on the fact that if you are facing troubles pertaining to characteristics of a particular house, it may not necessary be the effect of the same house. There could be several other houses which may be affecting the results. Many good astrologers also make this mistake while studying a horoscope. They argue for the need to correct only the professional life rather than providing a solution for domestic happiness. This is because of the lack of complete knowledge about this subject and analysis of the horoscope in a non-detailed and shallow manner.  If we will not look at the root cause of the problems and just work a remedy on the surface, the problems will persist forever. The situation will keep getting critical in every four to five months and it will remain an ongoing affair. We have to very well understand what our secondary houses are, what our complimentary houses are, so that we are able to do justice with everything which is responsible to negate some kind of positivity from a house. Astrology is not about offering prayers and performing rituals for God but it is just a means to rectify your karmas to yield favourable results. It advises you a corrective karmic course for benefits. People wear gemstones to improve upon their ‘Surya’ and ‘Chandrama’ but remains estranged with their parents; this way nothing in this world can help improve your ‘Surya’ or ‘Chandrama’. Unless, you have a cordial relationship with your parents and work upon your relationship with them; you will not have beneficial results flowing in. You need to have a good relationship to get automatically positive outcome and it is easily possible by karma correction.   

This made him inquisitive about his past life. His past life analysis indicated same estranged and unhappy married life. Analysis indicated that if he doesn’t do karma correction to improve his relationships in this life then again he is going to face similar problems in his next birth too and it will be an uninterrupted cycle forever. If he carries such debit notes and continues to repay for it in his four next births, then he will seize to be born as human. He could relate to all the events from his past life and understood how he will repay for it if he did not work upon to improve his relationship with his wife.  Thus, I provided him a few straight recommendations through karma correction to improve upon the results from his fourth and seventh house.

I would like to conclude here that as human beings we must work upon the absolute relationship with our spouse, kids and parents, if we don’t want to be deprived of real happiness in life. Neglecting and disrespecting any of these may deprive you forever from this in your next births.