We are going to discuss a topic today which may be beneficial for you today, may be tomorrow but somewhere it will definitely concern you. As human beings, we remain highly inquisitive to know if the other person is equally attached and loves us in the same capacity as we do. Naturally, we entail ourselves the same mutual affection and dedication as we have for others in our relationships. Be it a wife or a husband expecting to know how much their partners love them, a mother longing to know if her children will remain similarly affectionate as before their marriage or a father expecting his son to be his support in his old age… all these queries can be easily and clearly responded by analysis of a horoscope. Horoscopes also reveal partners’ loyalties to each other means loyalty index of a person can also be studied through the analysis of a horoscope. Younger generation also remain keen to know if the person they love, is equally in love with them. If there is any third person involved in their relationship or if anyone may arrive at any later stage in their relationship to destroy affection in it; all this is possible to interpret by thorough study of horoscopes.

Doubting one’s partner is a big social evil which has existed in our society for long; wives and husbands or love partners all doubt fidelity of their partners many times. These are the revelations which could 100% be made via correct study of horoscopes. One can undoubtedly know if his/ her partner is involved elsewhere than their own relationship and trying to falsely put an impression of loyalty with you. And how do you know this? The “Pancham Bhaav” in your horoscope is the manifestation of love, “Ekadash Bhaav” is “Eighth Bhaav” from your “Fourth House” in the horoscope which signifies your purity and integrity or troubles in a relationship. “Dasham Bhaav” is complimentary ‘bhaav’ of the “Fourth House” which also indicates about this. How much firm and devoted you will remain in a relationship, can be read through your “Lagna” and here “Navamsha lagna” is to be looked upon for this.

Many times young people (eligible bachelors) come to me with their love cases and expect me to offer a solution to help them marry the same person they are in love with. Despite, their parents disagreeing for such a match due to the difference of caste or social status, they remain insistent to get married to the same person. Here, it is vital to know through an appropriate analysis of your horoscope, if your partner loves you in the same capacity as you do or if they will remain suitably affectionate in this relationship forever. This is in particular important to understand beforehand as marriage is the most important decision to be taken after a thorough understanding of compatibility between partners. Afterwards, you can only repent and not look forward for any support from your parents as this would be your decision against their wish and your partner wouldn’t understand, since the relationship is not cordial. You will have no one to look forward to. Thus, if you have to take such a big plunge in life then it becomes obligatory for you to take consultation upon your horoscope.

All the points which I have stated above can be certainly accessed from your horoscope with 100% accuracy. In fact, your doubts on your partner can also be clarified, if they hold any ground or not. It may be possible that you may be having a doubt without any reason or with a particular reason, so it is necessary to find out the complete truth. There can be indications in the horoscope which can prove that your doubts are baseless or if there is any factual reason behind your doubts. Thus, I would request everyone who is in any relationship, to get yours and your partner’s horoscope analyzed by an able astrologer who can tell you how deep you love him or how well or truly your partner will reciprocate to your feelings. Don’t be blind folded while taking this decision else you will not get anything other than repentance. There may be no support system for you later and you may not find a solution other than a divorce. So, it is my earnest request to you to get your horoscope accessed by an able and knowledgeable astrologer before taking such a plunge.

Word of Caution: Please do not force your desires on to the astrologer. Do not try to compel him to derive out desired outcome. Let him read through your horoscope accurately and advise you upon the right thing for you. If there are only 20% to 30% favourable chances in your horoscope and the astrologer tries to offer you an “Upaaya” which is coerced then it may or may not work out for you. If it works well, good for your relationship, but if it doesn’t, God forbid, you will be in a state of misery. 

Many wives and husbands come to me with such doubts on their partners. Technology is creating havoc and gadgets are making life miserable for couples these days. They get clues from social media or from somewhere else and keep wondering if their thoughts are correct. When they approach me with such apprehensions then I vigilantly examine their horoscopes and tell them if their doubts are substantial or not. What should be the course of action and how they must proceed further for a peaceful life? Thus, I highly recommend you to get your horoscope examined and while doing so, ask your astrologer to study every angle of your chart carefully. He must know how to study your ‘D1’ chart in tandem with ‘T9’, ‘D60’ and ‘D7’ charts to give you accurate solution in revelation of your horoscope. Do not impress upon him to give you a solution as per your desires. He is the one who actually understands the true situation and as a true advisor, will only give you a correct solution irrespective of what you want. Enforcing your wishes may put you in real soup, please refrain from this.

Also, please note that not only a thorough analysis of love and affection between couples, parents & children, Mother and son or father and son can be revealed but we can analyze all the people including your friends, if they are beneficial or not. At a young age between 14-25, usually friends means the whole world for kids and often they put in trust, energy and time to their friendship than it is actually required. Many times they take friendship a step ahead by getting into partnership at business with their friends and even after putting in best of their energy into it, fail to nurture at it. A beforehand inspection of your horoscope can definitely save you from such circumstances. Thus, it is vital to get read all the relationships in your horoscope by a proficient astrologer. And to judge the ability of an astrologers go through his website, look for his television shows (if any), surf through his articles on the internet; basically try to comprehend his modus operandi in arriving at solutions…this will give you a clear idea about him.

Now, you may be naturally inquisitive to know how Karma correction plays a role here. Let’s understand it with an example of father and son relationship; where they do not gel with each other. In this case, the son must stop expecting from his father but he needs to fulfill all this duties towards him. Away from the general practice in our lives, “tic for tat” doesn’t apply in relationships. By following this you generate bad karmas for yourself and never attain solace in life.

All the relationships in our lives signify a planet and by disrespecting and ignoring them, we upset that planet in our horoscope. Your immediate family and relatives are your visible Gods. Sun is represented by your father, moon by mother, Mars by younger brother, Jupiter by elder brother and your teachers, Ketu by maternal grandfather, Rahu by paternal grandfather and Venus by your wife or sisters. And if you have problem with anyone of these then you are not treating that planet well. It is your moral duty to treat that planet nicely. Please forget how they are reciprocating to you. You only need to pay attention to your karmas; they will bear fruits of their ones. If we follow this, our planets start getting positively affected and they start reflecting positive results on “Lagna.” It is a terrific factor for you to get outstanding results in your life. All this is directly proportionate to your Karmas; so, do not deprive yourself of opportunity of being happy.

Your horoscope is a reflection of your past life which means all the negative things which you have seen or done, have come to you in the form of your horoscope during this birth. If you were not treating your father nicely, your ‘Sun’ is not nice in your horoscope in this birth. If you have not treated your gurus well, then your “Jupiter” is adversely affected in this birth. Do not get in the trap of an unending negative cycle and put efforts to rectify it in your life through your karmas. Do get your horoscope analyzed today by me. Watch out for my Videos on YOUTUBE, associate on my website. Ask me your queries and if you have a bigger concern, visit me at ‘Bajrangi Dham’. Your all concerns will be well taken care of in ten to fifteen minutes.