Karma and planets

                                       KARMA AND PLANETS 

In this system of prediction, it is the art of identifying the planets not only in human, but also in anything and everything. The planets, which we talk about in the horoscope, are the representative factors of everything in universe. We are dealing with human in relation to Nadi astrology. Therefore, we need to know their significations in relation to human being.  Whatever signification we attribute, it must have relationship with the order of planets in the solar system. We first give the essential factors of human, represented by signification of each planet and then co-relate the astronomical sequence of planets with metaphysical approach.

Planets and its Impact on a Human Life


Governing factor. In the universe, it is the life-governing planet. Father governs the family, in the future Son Also becomes father. Sun is bright and gives energy.  All that is bright and that becomes cause for energy and sustaining life will be attributed to Sun, like Government, Brilliance, and progress etc.


Mind – anything that reflects. Mind reflects emotions, feeling. Emotion is the embodiment of mother, affection and love. Moon has different phases changing regularly. Change is the quality of Moon. Moon appears in night and thefts will take place in night. From the word change, many can be understood.

 ANGARAKA ( MARS), Ahamkara-Deha 

Body is referred to as ego in Indian philosophy.The person is identified by his body and therefore, it causes ego. Ego will emote, anger which leads to enmity. Body is a cosmic mechanism. Mars represent Machinery. Body functions on electrical and magnetic charges. Mars represents these energies.The Body indicates the strength. Mars indicate the power. The power generates heat and in Body the blood generates heat. Mars therefore, represents Blood. Blood indicates relationship.The blood relationship in indicated by Mars. Mars indicate the power, which is predominant in male.Therefore, it represents husband of a woman.

BUDHA (MERCURY) , BUDDHI  (Intelligence) 

In Indian philosophy budha is the son of Chandra. The product of mind is Intelligence. It is the quick moving planet being nearer to bright Sun it represents intelligence. Mars in the outer circle of Sun’s apparent path signify blood relations and Mercury being next to Sun also represent younger siblings. Knowledge is liked by everybody and Mercury represents friendship. Because of its fast moment, it interacts with other planets number of times when compared to other planets.Therefore, it has the tendency of transacting which is called business.


angirasah  (Means Jupiter is Jeeva) is the mythological dictum.  In mythology, the Guru is a guide to divine section.  Therefore, Jupiter represents guiding factor. The life force guides the body. In the body Jupiter represents the life force. Because of guiding factor, it represents as preacher. Preacher must have wisdom. Jupiter therefore represents wisdom. The life on the earth must lead a noble life.  Jupiter represents nobility.  In life,  a man always desires for good things and success.  Jupiter represents these factors.

SHUKRA  (VENUS) , Bogha 

pleasures- daityacharya (a preacher to demons).  Demons normally happy with enjoyments.  Therefore, Venus represents enjoyments. Enjoyments include, wine, wealth  and woman. All these are represented by Venus.  Art is also a form of enjoyment.  Therefore, Venus represents artDaityacharya had the mrithasanjeevni-vidya a highest knowledge to make the dead alive. Therefore, Venus represents  higher knowledge  and also life saviour. Woman also becomes wife.  Therefore, wife is also represented by Venus.


 Karma is the ultimate reason for birth and present karma again decides the course of life. Every action has equal and opposite reaction.  Saturn is the last planet counted from Sun to revolve round the Sun. If Sun s bright it is dark having unknown things in it. Saturn is a slowest moving planet.  Therefore, delay and laziness are attributed to it. It is behind Jupiter and it represents elder brother. Karma in material word is known  as profession. Therefore,  Saturn represents profession.

RAHU  (Northern  node), Maya 

This is an energy zone created by Moon. A creation of Mind.Therefore, it is assigned with Illusions. Having no physical form, it has the capacity to eclipse other physical bodies.  It is therefore with dangers, diseases, it moves in opposite direction to other moving bodies. Therefore, it signifies unethical actions.Due to its unique qualities, it is attributed as foreign in nature, its placement is an obstruction to Jupiter Jeeva to enter earth.  Therefore,  its placement is an obstruction  to Jupiter  Jeeva to enter earth. Therefore, assigned with signification of death.

KETU (Southern node), Moksha 

This is also an energy zone created by Moon mind having similar reverse movement.  However, due to its placements between Venus and Mercury. It blocks the Mercury effect and pulls the Venus effect. Both the affluence planets are obstructed therefore it is assigned with significations of metaphysical nature.  Due to its quality of blocking and pulling,  it is assigned with de-linking  disputing, binding qualities.