Jupiter is Jeeva (life force- the breath), and Mars is shakti-hastam (power). Combined it indicates sadhana (self-efforts) by which the native will gain extraordinary spiritual attainments. Native may get unbelievable divine revelations in dreams, and some may come true. Native with this combination will be stubborn. Regrettably, such natives fail in recognizable educational attainments. Nonetheless, in the field of learning, they are “jack of all and master of none.” The purpose of Jeeva is to detach from materialistic world and Mars is burning factor. Fiery Mars burn Venus as money a disliking factor to Jeeva the Jupiter. The native will be a spendthrift.

Mars being an egoistic planet the native will think great of him and reacts to critics. In the false hope of achieving greatness, he goes out of the way to help many people but in return gets dishonor and blames. Others effortlessly flatter him for their benefits. His blood relations will frame him guilty. He often slips the opportunities due to his haste actions and repents later. He will face rifts in his profession. Despite having a good-looking wife due to a misunderstanding, they lead an active life. With so much of tensional life, the native is prone to blood pressure and related problems.

Whatever said and done, this native is good at heart. Mars represents brother, and he will be a noble person who will progress in life with self-efforts. In this complex conjunction, Mars plays more negatively in material matters and conditionally (if self-efforts) decisive in spiritual attainments.


Moon being with Jeeva karaka (Jupiter) will not offer his capricious nature but turn him religious and spiritual. Moon is not happy with his restriction here and therefore provides displacement from birthplace. Whenever Jupiter in transit crosses, his own position n natal chart there will be the change of place. Being a cold planet Moon will cause ill health to the native during infant stage and cold prone constitution at the later part. In our experience, we also find that in spite of being spiritual, the native exhibits his unsteady nature quite often.

Mother represented by Moon will be religious and helping women in the society. Native will also be interested in the activities signified by Moon like arts, food, travel, and liquids. Moon with Jupiter is a prospective combination for a female progeny. Moon through a destiny breaker has not created any havoc in native’s life. However, a weak Moon will predominantly offer his negative traits to the native making him untrustworthy. Therefore, Moon with Jupiter is a maker, modifier, and a breaker too.


Jupiter is Jeeva and Rahu is kalapurusha (death inflicting). This combination generally indicates life endangering situation and even short life if there is no karma balance (about Saturn and other planets). He might have faced risking situation within a year after birth. Native may have to overcome the disease of dhanurvaata (tetanus). Rahu is a de-linking factor and enemy to Mars.

This makes to be away from brother. He is bound to travel places Naadi declares his birth as the reincarnation of one of the souls about grandparents. Our observation is that such natives are always prone to ill health in spite of having good personality and life will be full of experimentations and struggles. Rahu here is a ruthless destiny breaker.


It is a Jeeva (life) and moksha (salvation) combination. This will make the natural yearning for spiritual growth. Birth of such natives will be nearby divine or pilgrim place, and at times, it could be in a small house or hospital. Ketu is root and Jupiter is Jeeva, they will be n the process of finding the source of life. They will have some link to emancipated souls. They usually like to be secluded and will be deeply involved in the thought process of their own. They tend to reject earthly pleasures.

 Due to this, materially even if they are affluent, they may not enjoy its benefits. They are in one way or the other involved in the service to humanity. Due to their peculiar thought process, they tend to be stubborn in some issues. Due to the association of Ketu, who is not amicable to Venus (wife), the native (Jupiter) may at times contemplate on keeping himself distant from a wife. Ketu may give body pains, seizures, blocks, and growth in organs of the body (to be identified with other planets). Viewed spiritually and materially Ketu is both destiny maker and breaker.