job problem or job related issues

job problem or job related issues

Majority of people must have studied meticulously in school and college. So, if they have been toppers or distinctive performers, there is no surprise. However, a few of them would have failed to show their optimum performance in jobs, thereby, they might have had to face many problems and stresses in life. Hence, in order to solution for job related issues of common people, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a Vedic Astrologer in Delhi adopts a few simple yet powerful ways to provide solution for job problem and thereby, return happiness in the life of people. Particularly, he focuses on basics, which involve positivity of the Sun and Shani (Saturn).

The God Sun

According to the opinion of expert astrologers, a person should start with worshipping Sun and Shani. For this, you have to read some “Sthothras” and at the same time, perform Gayathri Yag/Homam on Sundays, picking up the right time. This step will definitely help you in improving your Sun factor. Furthermore, you should take some water in a copper vessel, add jaggery in it and offer the same to the God Sun. You should do this activity without fail within an hour of the sunrise.

Shani/Saturn Dheva

On the other side, to please Shani Dheva, you should place some black lentils, jaggery, and blue colored flowers nearby the Peepal tree on Saturdays, choosing an auspicious time. On doing this, you will make sure that any individual or external force harboring negativity will calm down and in turn, you avoid impediments in your problems. Other than this, Vedic Astrologer in NCR/Delhi said on every Saturday, you should offer some boiled rice to crows nearby your place. This is because, crows indicate Saturn that rules over in Astrology profession. Hence, in order to pacify Saturn or Shani planet, you should make a habit of serving crows.

Other Astrological Remedies

Now, let us have a look on a few other astrological remedies given by Dr. Bajrangi, a renowned Hindu Vedic Astrologer in Delhi NCR.

Goddess Lakshmi

Once you wake up in morning, you should have a look at both of your palms. As per the astrology, this activity helps in giving wealth and eradicates problems in both jobs and businesses, as Goddess Lakshmi remains in palms.

Lord Ganesha

Similar to Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, the ever eternal God has a major role in one’s career and business. Few people also call Lord Ganesha “The Vigna Vinashak,” i.e., the God, who destroys every obstacle in life. Hence, if you are facing problems in your office or in your work, you should opt to recite the “Ganesha Beej Mantra” to get benefits in your career. You may recite the best “Ganpati Mantra,” i.e., “Om Gam Ganpathaye Namaha.”

Lord Hanuman

Now, you should take some lime and pierce 4 numbers of cloves within it. You have to take it in your right hand and recite “Om Shree Hanumathe Namaha” Mantra with complete devotion. Once you complete with the recitation, you should put the lime in your purse or pocket. This will help you in finding good opportunities and provide you a strong gateway to achieving success in your work.

Therefore, with the valuable astrological remedies given by Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, you will be able to resolve your issues related to job and lead a happy life ahead.