Face Reading Expert

Face Reading Expert

Face Reading – Astrological reflection

Face Reading, also known as Physiognamy, is an interesting technique that helps interpret your personality traits, and health conditions. You can read your own face or others’ including those of your family members, buddies, and your lover, and you’ll be amazed to know the outcome. The fact of the matter is no two persons will have the same set of facial expressions and features. Just for amusement, do this exercise, Have a glimpse at the facial features and expressions of someone dear to you and guess the differences in their traits from those of others in your family. The outcome will unwrap some of the qualities that reflect the elements of the nature such as air, water, fire, and earth, directly. This will let you distinguish the temperament between two people. Although Face Reading is not a complete science, people want to prejudice one person’s facial expressions against the others because they have been seeing them regularly.

On the contrary, most people might not be able to interpret these expressions because they are not good observers and analysers. Thus, it is important that you learn how to identify and interpret these facial features and expressions en route for mastering the Face Reading technique. People, especially young lads, get excited about reading someone’s face and miss observing some important features, achieving only partial success.

It is needless to say that facial expressions convey something. You don’t need to be a face reading professional to interpret basic expressions. However, the observing ability varies from one person to another. By examining a face thoroughly, you can know whether a person is confident, clever, humorous, honest, romantic, or straightforward. Face Reading is done by examining the following important features of your face:

Eyes                : Top & bottom eyelids, width of the eyes, eyebrow height, thickness of the eyebrows, eye brow shape, eyebrow shape etc.,

Forehead         : Shape of the forehead, furrows or wrinkles, alignment etc.,

Ears                 :  Ear size, ear position etc.,

Nose                : Nose tip, nostrils, Nose length, Nose shape, Nose padding, etc.,

Cheeks            : Check bones, cheek width, cheek shape etc.,

Jaw and Chin  : Jaw size, chin size, chine width, chin shape, etc.,

Mouth              : Mouth size, upper & lower lips, etc.,

Hair                 : Color, density etc.,

Teeth               : Decisions, and characters such as Aggressiveness,  stubbornness, shyness, conflicting attitude, selflessness etc.,

Contact Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, the renowned Vedic Astrologer who resides in Bajrangi Dham and present yourself before him. By looking at you he will let you know about the degree of your strengths & weaknesses, humor & soberness, and joy & happiness. He will let you know its effect on your future accomplishments. Dr. Bajrangi is not just an expert Face Reader but also a Graphologist, expert in various systems of astrology, and a Naadi Reader. Through a particular method of Astrology, he will read the spot-on predictions of your future events with time frames. He can help you with Face Reading and Graphotherapy and correct the shortcomings that are making you stagnant, which you have not been able to recognize.