DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes on MANGAL DOSHA in Hindustan Times on 19.11.2017

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19-11-17 Manglik Dosha- Facts unveiled  by Dr Vinay Bajrangi

Yesterday my commentary was on the heresy what Rahu-Ketu carries and Karmic ways to pull out a victory over them. Today I would like to draw emphasis over the misconception that “Mangal” carry.  Being a Manglik is a social taboo. One may not care about any of his horoscope’s details but he could be under constant strain of being a Manglik. And hell seems to break loose when the so called Manglik is a female.

Delay in marriage, disturbed marriage, non-compatible marriage , losing a partner after marriage are the few commandments that most pronounce without even caring to look over the other details in a horoscope The most astonishing part is the flawed way the Mangal Dosha is worked out . My experience tells that 80% of the proclaimed Mangliks are non- Mangliks and only 20% out of those who are, may suffer on account of this Dosha.

The Vedic scriptures narrate various ways to get the intensity of this Dosha reduced and the foremost is the matching of charts before solemnizing the marriage. By this way the negativity of one chart is counter balanced by the positivity of the other chart and thus flow of energy is checked and maintained.  So, here it becomes imperative to understand that matching of chart is not just Guna matching, but is very much more than that. Principally the Mangal forces should be checked and counter balanced before looking in to the other aspects of charts matching.

Fierce is the reputation that Mangal or Mars carry, but it is responsible for beginning the life and also causing an end to it. The energy that Mars carry can elevate a person from shambles to supreme whereas if its negative side operates it can even bring down a towering persona to muddle.

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