DR VINAY BAJRANGI, writes on flaw in key decisions

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25-11-17 DR VINAY BAJRANGI - Do not flaw in key decisions of life as written in Hindustan Times 

We repent taking certain decisions in our life. The scars of some ill fated decision are so deep that one is left to regret for entire life. Some err in property investments, some other blunder in career choice, some of those studying make a wrong choice of subjects and some choose a wrong job, others repent choosing the wrong life partner while some blame acquaintance for that flawed switch of job.

The fate takes the eventual beating at the end with the repeated imprecating that “meri to kismat kharab hai “  . What if someone is there to caution you when you are in the midst of something crucial in life?  Yes! He will be of sure help provided he is capable enough to read the intricacies of life through the planetary position depicted through horoscopes which is casted by almighty “Bhrama” on your forehead on the 6th day “ Shasthi” from your birth on this planet.

A non-believer in astro- sciences may perish to this lure of destiny but it is seen that lazy attitude towards seeing an astrologer is a far greater killer as these people tend to work on their instinct and market trend. So, for those who are at the cross roads of some path changing decision, it is better to consult who could foretell all the pitfalls in the road ahead of destiny.

An accomplished astrologer, is the one who knows to amalgamate the ancient Shloka’s with the present day circumstances, is well versed to decipher the hidden commandants’ of the planets, knows  which and how many “Shodashvargas” to decode while arriving at a particular solution and above all knows the ancient rules which could activate or deactivate a Nakshatra, Planet,  Bhav  or a chart.

Could all this be achieved with just a brushing knowledge or just a few years of experience? Getting a true interpreter of your horoscope is your first karma Korrection.

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