DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes for NOIDA TIMES ON 22.07.2017



The astrological void which was long felt in NCR has now been filled with the advent of Dr.Vinay Bajrangi in Noida. Noida can now be seen as an astrological hub with his magnus  presence at the sacred place called BAJRANGI DHAAM in Sector-66.

The revered Guru of astrology that Bajrangiji is , merits in analyzing the horoscopes through various ancient Vedic techniques. He amalgamates his knowledge of these various streams to decode the horoscope of its past and present and specializes in predicting the future to unbelievable accuracy to help planning the future.

His master stroke , the Karma Korrection, the divine pointer  introduces the individual to the corrections one has to apply on self for spiritual up-liftment and developing  contentment level. He beautifully reads the karmic journey of the soul from previous lives and explains the reason for the birth of the individual in question.

His unique grip on  rectification of birth chart is beyond comparison. He is a Astro-virtuoso for whom solving marriage issues , cracking business maze, selecting & planning a career , solving unemployment , is like an every day job further strengthen by his path breaking research outcomes.

A double doctorate in astrology, he is a recipient of many awards & certifications from various astro institutions and laurels in his astrological journey of over 20 years.

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