DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes for HINDUSTAN TIMES on 24.09.2017



In the name of astrological readings we normally get a plain reading which is generally based on just deciphering the Lagna Chakra or D-1 Chart. Most of the practicing astrologers may not know anything about the intricacies of Charts readings which involve reading of the 16 sets of charts commonly known as the SHODASH charts in tandem with other branches of Indian astrology such as the Brighu, Nadi and the KP.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, is a leading name in the contemporary world of learned astrologers who has many firsts to his credit.

He has created his own unique method of KARMA KORRECTION  by successfully blending most of the ancient Indian methodology of chart reading. He is an accomplished master in:

  • Reading ones past lives, the most difficult but thing giving confidence
  • In reading Pending karmas
  • Offering karma Korrection from & within you.
  • Synchronising  the Birth time.
  • Expert in ancient vedic Brighu, Parashari, North & South India Nadis & KP.
  • Creator of Bhagya Samhita the key to one’s own life.
  • A Vastu Consultant
  • A numerologist and Graphologist.

His double doctorate in Astro- science with numerous accolades and presentations in Jyotish seminars with an experience of over 15 years makes him  an ace problem buster specially when the matter is :

  • Career selection, 
  • Professional life issues, 
  • Business debacles, 
  • Delayed marriage / married life issues, 
  • Property prospects / threats, 
  • Litigations / court cases. 
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Overseas assignments/ settlements

This combination makes him a master predictor of events in human life.

You can also take his learning from his educative programs on Sanskar TV @ 10.30 pm ( except Sundays) , Sadhna TV @ 12.00 am, Youtube videos and see how could you get out of your problems in the present to secure a better future. Sometimes even a small korrection in our Karmas can help you a lot and that is where this Vedic astrologer Dr. Vinay Bajrangi excels in. For personal meeting in Delhi NCR, his HQ is at Bajrangi Dhaam  Sector-66 Noida.

Website www.vinaybajrangi.com

For appointments call on 09278665588 / 09278555588