DR VINAY BAJRANGI, writes about Dasha Gochar & Yogas in HT CITY on 10.12.2017

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10-12-17 Dr. Vinay Bajrangi; An astrologer with a difference

Visit an astrologer in your harder times and get a list of negatives Yogas with endless remedial measures from him and still, the inflow of problems remain abated. What purpose do these rituals serve? Can these:

  • Change the planetary configuration of your chart; I am afraid not even slightest.
  • Appease the afflicted planet to reverse the results they are offering; this also cannot be done.
  • Change the Dasha/ Gochar; cannot even think of it.
  • Re-arrange the negative Yogas to the positive one; No ritual is potent enough, even Lord Bhrama, the creator, cannot.

As the above points cannot be altered, following the rituals blindly can on the contrary trigger a series of negative events, one such is turning an otherwise karma oriented person to a disoriented person, who has started diverting his energy to rituals, whereby the dedication towards work declining further.  

The true essence of a horoscope reading is to understand the basic concept of Jyotisha (the light which illuminates the future). It is to make one understand:

  • His true capabilities.
  • What is suitable and what is not.
  • To figure out the path to chose after evaluating his positives and negatives.
  • To alter what has gone wrong by mending ways.
  • To stop all the ills present in an individual.
  • Understand the true value of karma
  • Understand how to remain happy.

A person due to his intrinsic qualities ( Prarabdha) and that values inculcated over time through family and society develops many evils, of which he remains practically unaware. He rather boasts them often. Karma Korrection is a tool which blatantly tells the individual that what all wrong has to shun and what results are expected and when. 

It is the divine duty of a Jyotisha to guide the native to navigate through all the Doshas in the horoscope. 

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