DR VINAY BAJRANGI, the vedic astrologer appears in HINDUSTAN TIMES on 10.09.2017

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There are a very few people who could tell you which category of business, if at all you have a business yoga in your horoscope, suits you the best. There are even fewer astrologers who understand the concept of Shakti Trikona of any horoscope and its influence in deciding genus of vocation one should choose so that he harmoniously plays with the positive energy of the horoscope.

If the principles of Vedagna Jyotisha are applied correctly, on the first place it can be seen that the native in question could run any business or not. The next step is to fittingly use the almost extinct art of interpreting the divisional charts  D-9 ( Navamsha), D-12 ( Dwadashamsha) ,  D-30 ( Trishamsha) and  D-150 ( Satampancasatamsha) charts through which it becomes easy to understand the league of the business that suits to the native. After analyzing these charts it becomes easy to pick one or a combination of the following features which becomes the structure of the business to be done.

  • Intellectual  business
  • Administrative Business
  • Art or skill oriented business
  • Associated or supporting Business
  • Some mechanical Business
  • Trader/Merchant Business

Now, the next step becomes the deduction of moment when this fusion will bear fruits. The most erroneous readings are those in which only the yoga in the horoscope is read, but not the time of its fructification. A dormant yoga is just equivalent to a non- yoga. So it is always better to know the ways to awaken this inactive yoga rather than just cherishing its presence. In some horoscopes the yoga are such that they never wakeup in the native life time.

The creator Bharma engraves the charts on the native’s forehead and a dutiful astrologer dances over each Bhava of every chart to decipher the intentions of the almighty. Understand, to what depth the charts of the native could be read and that could reveal the most uncertain and intriguing things. So, not let chance decide upon the business you do, but give it an astrological base so that the positivity of the horoscope is utilized to its fullest. Remember, there is nothing which could not be read and understood and there is nothing which does not have a better plan.

So meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi with HQ at Sector 66 Noida,  a Doctorate in Astrology science, master of Parshari, Brighu, Nadis  who with his regular cases based researches advices you extensively how to correct your Karmas & that too from your own past events. His learnings can be picked up from his TV shows also on popular TV Channels including Sanskar TV @ 10.30 pm excluding Sundays & Sadhna Channel at 12.00 am daily.

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