DR VINAY BAJRANGI says re-write your fate , in HT CITY ON 11-02-2018


11-02-18 Re-write your fate; get an Astro-Fix

A talented individual is wasting his talent, a sober guy becoming a negative character, a promising career meeting an abrupt end, and success perishing. If one is witness to these kinds of stories, then one thing is for sure that the negative traits of the individual dominated and astrology can be a potent problem extinguisher.

Every horoscope has many Yogas, some visible and some other hidden. Planets propel these Yogas. The power with which the planets drive these Yogas depends upon the inherent strength of the planets. The supportive planets activate the favorable Yogas whereas the opposer planets trigger the defeatist Yogas.  One may not correlate this effect of provoking of Yogas with success or failure, but most of us have witnessed one or more such phenomenon when a capable and proficient does not achieve to his capabilities whereas the ordinary one excels. 

But beware, before getting an Astro-fix to your problem, the capabilities of the astrologer has to be evaluated as all may not be very proficient in understanding how to shut a harmful yielding Yoga and the methods necessary to infuse more energy into the positive Yogas. On the contrary,  Stubborn one can be told to be more persistent; puzzled one can be guided to apply his brains, an impatient person be mislead to be more ambitious and reckless one can be asked to be more courageous. If with this callousness a personality is treated then the problem escalates, and till the time this incorrect handling comes to notice, much water would  had already passed through the bridge. 

Every planet associates with the other planet and a Yoga is formed which may not be a familiar classical Yoga mentioned in astrological texts but could be one that could elevate a personality positively or negatively. Fate can be re-written if the effective ones are recognized and activated. This activation is not just through burdensome religious rituals but through correction of karma which is the fundamental essence of Vedic Jyotish. Let me, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi run through your horoscope & ENLIGHT YOU WITH THE POWER OF KARMA KORRECTION  visit www.vinaybajrangi.com or call office at 09278665588 and 09278555588.