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26-08-17 Karma Korrection : Profession and career through the Astro lens.

Employee Yoga or an Employer Yoga? Have you heard about this combination in a horoscope? Very few would have. People do all sought of remedial measures for betterment of their business not knowing that their horoscope does not have a Business Yoga or employer yoga. Analyzing the horoscope for this and other essential minutest of the details before taking the plunge could be the hidden key for success.Just think a small timely analysis of Horoscope can give us such a Karma Korrection which later becomes venerable leaving us to only repent.

Those serving, have you ever experienced a delay in getting promotions or that deserved rise or have you ever been denied that much awaited overseas assignment or much worse have you lost your job for any reason. And all the frenetic efforts put after the debacle are producing no results and you still believe that astrology has no role to play here? Think again, someone has supernaturally gained control over the situation and has initiated a slow but steady onslaught on you. A divine astrological intervention is all what is required.

Those in a business, the supernatural negative control on you could have started much earlier, choosing the wrong business, choosing the wrong time to commence the business, expanding the business in a negative environment and choosing wrong partners for the business. Here the determination to excel and show the world the metal you are made off sometimes proves terminal.

On the deeds or Karmas of the previous birth, two armies are associated with the chart, one which is against your rise but you will never feel so, and the other works for your upliftment but you would never give credit to it. Your gains or loss at a particular time span depends upon the respective strength of these armies at that point of time. So, knowing which army or in simpler words what traits to massage at what time make the difference between winning and losing.

All these strengths and weaknesses are buried in your charts and what you need is an able astrologer. The fructification of misfortune if read correctly by deciphering you Trimshamsha (D-30) in tandem with chaturthamsha(D-4) and Ekadasmansha( D-11) the timings of every misfortunate step could be deciphered and the possible cure could be preannounce.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi with HQ at Sector 66 Noida,  a Doctorate in Astrology science, master of Parshari, Brighu, Nadis with his regular case based researches resolves all such matters quite effectively through your own Karma Korrections. His learnings can be picked up from his TV shows also on popular TV Channels including Sanskar TV @ 10.30 pm excluding Sundays.

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