26-11-17 The dance of destiny : Karma Korrection

Even those who claim to have a good hand at astrology take the so called inauspicious yoga like the Kaal Sarpa Dosha, Shani -Sade Sati, Kuja Dosha, Kemdhrum Dosha, Sakat Dosha and the likes quite seriously, either with the intend to confuse the natives or they themselves do not understand the functioning of the Yogas  at all. 

A dormant yoga, auspicious or otherwise, which will not wakeup in the life time of the native is nothing but nonexistent. It is pointless to do remedies of a yoga which will not wake at all. The purpose of reading the horoscope gets defeated when the reader attributes the cause of all the problems to obvious yogas rather than reading the hidden factors for the debacle.

The science of astrology which has the intrinsic property to evolve with times cannot be applied verbatim to the fast changing society and complicated problem of these times. An astrologer who has the vision to understand and apply astrology with the present times and who has thorough knowledge of “when and what” activates has the key to most of your problems.

The long and complicated ritual involving learned Bhramins is also is a passé. The essence of various rituals is communication with the God, seeking His divine interventions and coming out the tricky situation and this fete is very much achieved through Karma Korrection , the concept of which  is the essence of Hindu way of life.

The spirit of true astrological reading lies in systematic analysis of various “Shodashvargas”, correctly analyzing the culprit planets and the right way to adapt ourselves so that the otherwise negative planets start giving good results. Blaming a yoga for failure  serves no purpose as firstly problem does not disappear and secondly it rather become chronic with time with no possible remedy.

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