HT City 08.7.2018 reads -Turn your failure into success in a go:-

Last Sunday my article was on the astrological impact on marriages, and I received a considerable number calls relating to it, but few of those calls related to seeking astrological help to improve the preserve marriages that have hit a rocky patch. Let it be known that counseling by a psychologist to save marriages may have its limitations but when it comes to astrological therapeutic counselling, the possibilities are boundless. 

What's the point in starting a factory which does not produce; what if the deals start on a good note but do not yield the desired results; imagine what if the most certain things do not happen. The list of those things that one has imagined but do not finish the way they should, occur numerous times, but it is more agonising when everything that one tries for, meets the same fate, i.e., gives no results.  Do not get yourself labelled as a good starter and not a strong finisher, because if this feeling gets entrapped in the mind then even those with the strongest Lagna (Ascendant) can go in deep negativism. 

A property broker finding it difficult to finalise deals, a job seeker waiting endlessly for that final affirmative nod from the employer, deals getting stuck without any headway, the perfect matrimonial match eluding, the endless waiting for a permit to fly and settle abroad, and that promotion taking ages to happen are the few examples of situations that perplexes everyone, and leaves them feeling helpless.

There is a property consultant who was in a terrible state because most of his deals slipped away from his hands, and his patience and funds were dwindling. An ardently religious person, he travelled places to seek the guidance of illustrious astrologers, but his fate seemed sealed. His horoscope had promises but was not read and handled correctly. He was losing his customers to his competitors and the desperation to strike a deal was not taking him anywhere. How I helped him karmically is elaborately explained in my blog section. Pl do give it a read.

Court cases can bother, nag and ruin the future of a person. Next Sunday, I will open up the astrological gates to eradicate this problem and its effects. An astrological help is just beside you call 9278665588, 9278555588 or web connect at www.vinaybajrangi.com.