DR VINAY BAJRANGI , the vedic astrologer appears in HINDUSTAN TIMES on 15.10.2017

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The Indian Vedic Astrology is not just about understanding and reading the planetary influence on an individual but is much more than that. It is systematic study of the voyage of the Atma or soul in the past, present and the after lives.

It is the study of the Prarabdha and  Rina of the soul which explains the miseries and ecstasies of present life. The Karmic Chakra of this life if drawn can explicitly draw a graph of what all can come to an individual with the quantum of effort that is required from him.

Jyotisha, the Indian Vedic sciences beautifully answers, provided the Jyotishi is able enough, some unanswered and constantly nagging questions which could haunt a few, like the reason for his birth, what he was in his yester life, why his efforts not recognized, why are the miseries after him when he has done no wrong, why is he misunderstood, why the friends turned foes, why is he not credited of the goodness he does, why is the God not kind to him.

The answer to these questions is what Karma Korrection is all about. Jyotisha says that Bhrama, the creator, has given you some abilities with certain limitations. These inadequacies can be read from the chart through placements of Planets in Rashis and Nakshatras. Karma Korrection is working our way out through these confines by changing ourselves. The problem here is that, either the person, for reasons, is not told truthfully as to where & how one has gone wrong , or  the person is notified of his short comings in a scary manner projecting all negativity & then loading  heavy rituals  or remedial measures, one starts heavily depending on these  divinely interventions rather than correcting himself out. The divinely interventions can prevent one from straying from path of karma Korrection, but it is the onus of one to choose the correct path.

Every Bhav,or life trait has a specific time for its fructification, each of planet and Nakshatra becomes Jagrut or result giving at a particular time , which is not dasha dependent . One  has to be a master to decode all the things simultaneously & that is where the right astrologer could play a decisive role.

Dr Bajrangi walking through  your past , balances out good & bad stars to correct your present and then finally guiding you to pure Karma Korrection for life. One session with him can change your astro perceptions. Take his learnings from his website www.vinaybajrangi.com  & Youtube videos. For appointments call his office in Noida Sector 66 @ 09278665588 / 09278555588.