DR VINAY BAJRANGI , the vedic astrologer appears in HINDUSTAN TIMES on 03.09.2017

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When is my good time? When will all the yoga’s in my horoscope fructify? When can I expect better results? Are these some of your unanswered questions? You have possibly been reminded by numerous astrologers that your horoscope has some terrific Yogas but the wait for seeing them blossom seems to be unending.

During a relatively negative time when nothing seems to work, when results of wrongly taken decisions looms large on us, when the wait for new opening is unending and the promised dates for better results pass one after another, then is the time when frustration creeps in and the belief in astrology and God gets shaken and this is the time for some divine intervention. I call upon all those people who have waited long enough in vain for better results, who think that their horoscope has beautiful Yogas but the Yogas has never ever bore fruits and their belief mechanism is somewhat taken aback. These sleeping Yogas, tired Dasha and negative Gochar can be turned turtle.

The main question that remains is that how this can be achieved. It may not be a daunting task for a person who is doctor in reading the past and the past lives of the native and who is a master in suggesting a Karma which the individual has to follow.

The past lives give a clue to know the karmic journey of the soul. It also helps in understanding and unveiling the deeds and the karmic pendency of the previous births and the purpose of this birth. It is only then the appropriate Karma Korrections are suggested so that the native achieves the earthly and the heavenly goals. 

Lord Vishnu in all of His human incarnations has spoken profoundly about the Karma Korrections one has to apply so that the soul is embraced by the Almighty and Mosksha is finally achieved.

Your horoscope if read correctly can tell that exactly how many lives one has to live before the soul is rested from this Karmic journey . The eluding earthly endeavors could be very easily achieved when the level of reading the horoscope goes to this level. 

So, before exhaustion engulfs, the shoulders droop, the belief starts shaking it is better to get a Karma Korrection scanning done.

Dr Vinay Bajrangi with HQ at Sector 66 Noida,  a Doctorate in Astrology science, master of Parshari, Brighu, Nadis with his regular case based researches advices you extensively how to correct your Karmas & that too from your own past events. His learnings can be picked up from his TV shows also on popular TV Channels including Sanskar TV @ 10.30 pm excluding Sundays & Sadhna Channel at 12.00 am daily.

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