DR VINAY BAJRANGI , the vedic astrolger appears in HINDUSTAN TIMES on 08.10.2017

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08-10-17 DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes on FAILURES & SUCCESS OF HARD WORK  through astrological analysis with karma korrections.

Cruel sense of humor is what fate has. It delivers things that one had never asked for. And this stumbling of fate is primarily due to not channelizing the hard work through the right Karmic plan.

 Our horoscope is the blue print of the road map of our journey on this earth. This blue print  categorically underlines milestones that could be achieved while also highlighting all the obstructions and pitfalls in the journey. Most astrologers harp greatly about these mile stones but their skills perform badly when it comes to reckon and measure the gravity of these obstructions. Resultantly we get a very overgenerous and exaggerated picture of life which fails miserably when compared to actual life.

There are a few mystifying Bhadhakas or violators in a horoscope which can even hold back the most potent Yogas from giving results and thus can bring mighty ships to wrecks. For example an undiagnosed, so called beautiful exalted Jupiter in the 5th house for most of the Lagnas can cast a shadow on a business with crippled education to start with. 

Can we change  the tune of destiny to which we dance? The answer is yes! There are codes embedded in a horoscope which divulge about the distance between the cup and the lips and there are secrets which need to be decoded to shrink down this distance.  Further, it is again very scientific that which Bhadhaka activates when and what  conditions prompt its activation. It is also true that few very strong Bhadhaka may not get activated in the natives life span.

A wrongly imposed court case, a totally spoiled married life relations, a hero to zero kind of a business run, not getting most cherished things like  ancestral property etc . These all happen in life because of the negative activation of Bhadhakas . Get rid of them.

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