DR VINAY BAJRANGI , the vedic astrolger appears in HINDUSTAN TIMES on 05.11.2017

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05-11-17 DR VINAY BAJRANGI writes about for over anxiety, over confidence  or depression resolved through Karma Korrection in HT CITY 

Life is irreversible, a wrong step forward and we repent for eternity. Indeed, even the most dedicated individual defects while taking a key choice which may have far-reaching negative consequences. The wiser lot suffers most as they consider taking suggestions below their dignity.

The proactive lot becomes anxious, while the inoperable lot suffers from mild to moderate depression. And the result is somatic disorders like the feeling of lethargy, headache, and vague abdominal discomfort with disorders in sleep and appetite.

As opposed to counseling an Astro-consultant, these patients become victims of medical specialists; turning their illness chronic, while denting their pockets too. My long astrological journey thus far opines to seek a correction in attitude, methodology, and karma, which principally is to see patiently the inadequacies gathered by the individuals till date and the modes to rectify it. More often than not, the styles and nature what an individual prides and boasts, act as a trap.

A stable and reliable future negates the anxiety, whereas treating the deep thinkers who live in past, pulling them out of the depressive tendencies. The Astro-science has given adequate tools to its users to understand which trait of which planet is troubling an individual and that too in which period. The individuals who think that they have underachieved, who are wrecked, who don't discover an exit plan, get your horoscope read for the right karmas. Coming Wednesday, I will shed some light on Astro-cure on wrong investments. We must be very watchful  as these investments need not be only financial but also in the other major spheres of life. Learn more from my website or Youtube Videos & Facebook. Take online solutions or for personalized solutions, people can contact Bajrangi Dhaam in Sector 66 Noida personally or through Skype / phone also.

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