31-12-17 Pitra Dosha and Karma Korrection by Dr.Vinay Bajrangi

Krishan Paksha (15 days of the waning moon) of Ashwin Maas (September) is the time when Yama (God of Death) liberates the souls so that they could meet their relatives here on earth. “Bhrama Puranas,” says that those who do not respect them (the souls) face their wrath. But the case is much complex than this statement. This anger of “Pitra” or forefathers gets a permanent place in the horoscope of the native known “as Pitra Dosha” if the deeds of the native were anti-family in his previous births. 

If one has this “Dosha” then it could cast a shadow over many other positive “yogas” and if it is potent enough it may not let them prosper at all. Among the many botherations it brings :-

  • The foremost is childlessness,
  • frequents or untimely deaths in the family,
  • unexplained losses,
  • loss of reputation,
  • imprisonment and
  • other unexplained debacles.

If it gets harder to explain these losses then probably the “pitra-dosha” is playing its game.

One may never know what the wrong one has done in its life for this helplessness, but an in-depth study of the horoscope can really bring out the possible answer to the misery and its possible cure. A blemished Sun in the horoscope is the prime cause of “Pitra Dosha” but even a blemished Jupiter sometimes can result in a very strong “Pitra Dosha”. A timely inspection of the horoscope can possibly lead to lessening out its effect as the route to preventing the losses could be chalked out.

“Pitra Dosha” gets embedded in the horoscope due to the karmas of the previous life and therefore the main weapon to tackle it is the Karmas of this life. It becomes essential to lead a righteous, caring life with plenty of love and respect to the elderly of the family.

I cannot pluck this “Dosha” out of one’s horoscope but I can certainly crack the maze of difficult times to guide the correct way and the rituals to be followed. Meet me in HQ in Noida or Gurugram / Delhi  calling at #9278665588 and #9278555588 or visit my website www.vinaybajrangi.com