28-01-18 Dr. Vinay Bajrangi: the Karma corrector.

Hundred buckets of water fall on a businessman for twenty years who through an astrologer gets to know that his horoscope does not have business yoga. An otherwise smooth marriage of ten years is thrown into disarray when some learned astrologer reveals that the reason of present disharmony between the couple is because of fundamental mismatch of horoscopes.

These sudden revelations of so-called facts are way more dangerous than that harmful yoga they reveal. Astrology or Jyotish is the divine way to illuminate the path of future, to prepare for the negativities and to alter the path as and where required.  Astrology means a change of route and not the object.

"Jyotish" shows the way to those who are in planning stages and paves the way for those who have ventured out but get lost. It also serves as a divine caution for those who habitually bite more than what they can chew. It is a secret tool through which an individual shuns out the unconstructive energies in him and help boost whatever positivity is there in him.

It always pays to karmic-work against the negative prediction done by someone instead of living in fear because of it. Even if the forecast has some substance and could come right, there are subtle ways to overcome that by changing the course of our karma and not through the customarily propagated massive doses of rituals. It, therefore, means troubled and disintegrating marriages can survive, businesses on the brink of collapse can start breathing, precarious job situation can turn normal, diseases can cure, a condition of helplessness can mitigate, and students can read and achieve the right way.

This all and petty more precarious situations turn healthy with just a regular dose of karma correction, which necessarily gets coupled with the past life readings. You have waited enough get it touch with Dr. Vinay Bajrangi at www.vinaybajrangi.com or call at 09278665588 or 09278555588.