ht city mumbai 24.6.018

HT City 24.6.2018 reads - Understand Infidelity astrologically:

Last Sunday my narration was on one aspect of Mars, i.e., gaining through properties and today I will divulge another element of this happening planet. Mars can take Venus for an over-drive which results in an unbalanced appetite towards lust or "Kaama" which can lead in extramarital flings and deceit. But so is also true that one has an over-suspicious spouse in this kind of society which assassinates the character on just hearsays. I am a witness to many tales where suspicion has been the sole reason for bringing the marriage on the rocks.

Why theorize and shoot in the dark when both, the tendency to betray and to suspect could be read through individual's horoscope with incredible accuracy. This also becomes one of the most important aspects while matching charts. Among many factors, one criterion of matching the charts for marriage purposes is to see the potency of deceit. My blog, www.vinaybajrangi.com/blog, has a detailed explanation on this. Intellectually stimulating, a witty sense of humor, confidence, and eternally romantic are some of the qualities that one seeks in the spouse to be, but if these qualities are fed by the negative energies of Mars and that too in the Navamsh (D-9), these mingling qualities become a trouble as it attracts and attaches with others also. If the intelligence prevails (Jupiter dominates, Sage Vishvamitra in meditation) Venus can make a king out of someone as it exalts in Pisces the sign of Jupiter, but if intelligence falls (mercury dominates, Menka distracting Vishvamitra) Venus can make a person sink as it falls in Virgo the sign of Mercury. It essentially becomes important to get the massaging of the planets at the beginning of the activating era of the negative planets. Evaluating the divisional charts and correcting the Karma is what I do as the best of Vedic understanding. There is an astrological key which lets one marry when he/she desires. I will unveil this secret the next week. Meanwhile, Jupiter is changing its home, connect with me at www.vinaybajrangi.com or call 9278665588, 9278555588 for an astrological tie.