Court Cases and litigation Issues

court cases and litigation issues

Litigations and court cases are enemies of peace of mind, which are becoming more and more in number these days. There are some definite factors responsible for such problems. Also, are certain in auspicious houses in the Kundli/birth chart, which clearly indicate the likelihood of controversies such as litigations, court cases, traumatic events, and imprisonment. They will be compellingly pulled and tangled in such things. If people have instinctive, bad qualities such as greed, we can convince ourselves that it is because of these qualities they suffer from such problems. But, why do innocent people get dragged into this game? This shows that these problems are shown in your Horoscope owing to your past life.

Assistance By Astrology

Here’s where Dr. Bajrangi can be of help to you. First off, he’ll assess your Kundli and determine the reasons why you get slid into such problems. Thereafter, he’ll suggest you the appropriate ways that’ll help correct your own Karmas or how to strengthen the weak planets and work them in your favor.

His know-how on astrology and expertise in analyzing various Astrological Houses and Dhashas in the Horoscope helps both sets of people to come of out of such problems by means of Vedic remedial measures or Karma Korrections.

These measures guide you to control the impact and turn the litigations or court cases to your advantage. Almost all these cases are case specific as the causes for these problems one or a mixture of any of the following problems:

  • Your past life
  • Past of present life
  • Placement of planets in your Birth Chart
  • Intentions or greed
  • Your Karma

Once the basic reason of involvement in Court cases , litigation is diagnosed, Dr Bajrangi guides you case specific ways & means to 1st come out of immediate problems & then guides you with long term Karma Korrection so that such things do not re-occur in your future life .