Compatibility Of Son-Father Relations:Astrologically

son & father relations

Son – Father Relations:-

Here Some key points of Father and Son relationship:

  • Son's Lagna is same as 10H of father makes the son as intelligent as the father.
  • Son's  Lagna is same as 2H, 3H, 9H or 11H of father indicates that son is obedient to father; son ‘s Lagna 6H/8H of father would give inimical relations.
  • Son‘s Lagna is equal to 12H of father do not give desired affection.
  • 6L or 8L of the father in son‘s Lagna indicates that the son is more intelligent, famous and Suyogya.
  • Son‘s Lagna equal to 5H or 9H of father indicates mutual love & affection.
  • Mutual aspect or exchange of LL/5L in Rashi or Navamsa - affectionate relations (obedient son).
  • LL&9L in 5H   aspected by benefit is good.
  • 5L exchange 10L or 5L +10L in 5H or 10H indicates that the native is like a king & son becomes a successor.
  • Adverse Relations:
  • LL & 6L in 9H.
  • Sun in 9H or 12H.
  • LL in 12H.
  • LL & Jupiter enemy & Jupiter in 6H aspected by LL.
  • Malefic in 5th from Jupiter.

*Planets representing parents:                 

Parent     Day Birth   Night Birth

Father      Sun            Saturn

Mother     Venus         Moon

  • The order is reversed for paternal & maternal uncle.
  • Sun is an odd sign (Day birth) or Saturn in odd sign (Night birth) indicates that the son is good to father (vice versa for maternal uncle).
  • Venus in even sign (for day birth) or Moon in even sign (for night birth) indicates that the son is good to mother (vice versa for maternal uncle).