Astrology For Atheistic Or Non-Believers

Astrology for non believers

Astrology For Atheistic Or Non-Believers

In the modern age with so-called logical mind, astrology is often relegated as a gimmick or a fake science. More so people inclined towards western culture further ridicule it. BUT why is it so. Why that such an ancient & wonderful science is meets with such a fate. Those non – believer in astrology must know few blunt facts about astrology as a science & astrologers as  its preachers to start respecting both.

Astrologers at times, might find it a daunting task  to prove the sanctity of this science , their knowledge of it & finally its benefits in today’s age. But then let me state here that it is the fault of, we, the astrologers only who have tried to practice Astrology as business whereas the globe is progressing professionally.  

General public perception towards astrology is that visiting an astrologer means getting exposed to many negative yogas in a horoscope , scaring to be situations and lastly pushed into following expensive, time-consuming rituals with no scientific standing to prove their worth.

However , if seen from the original perception of Indian Jyotish, it is deep peep into one’s past deed’s reading , attributing & co-relating the flawed deeds as reasons to the present anxiety or crises & then giving astrological guidance which is more focussed largely on self correction than suggesting what & how to come out of miseries.

We must graduate ourselves before further pushing this ancient science into a deep crisis for survival. Learn more