Astrological combinations for specific diseases

diseases,illness,solution of specific diseases by astrologer

 Specific diseases Include:

Mental Illness:

Includes abnormal, extreme, unexpected behavior with excitement, anger, aggression, melancholia & depression.

  • Parameters:
  • Mo: state of mind, feeling, emotional reaction and mental compatibility.
  • Me: nervous system, academic discipline, rationality, logic and intellect – its enemy is Moon (indicating emotions & feelings).
  • Ju:  significator of maturity and wisdom. Neutral towards Mercury; but Mercury is enemy of Jupiter.
  • 5H: House of fascination, thinking, logic and wisdom. 5H/5L be unaffected for sound mind.
  • Lagna & Sign Aries: Aries is head of native.
  • Malefic and benefic Yoga: Malefic promote disease and benefic neutralize illness.
  • Degree of affliction to Moon: Indicates simple mental aberration to gross neuro-psychic disorder. If Moon is afflicted by:
  1. Su: self – elevation, quick temper, belligerent,.
  2. Ma: quick temper, aggressive, passionate.
  3. Sa: depression, maniac, depressive psychosis.
  4. Ra: cunning thought, schizophrenia, phobias, maniacal, suicidal tendencies, phobias, irrational suspicion of others.
  5. Ke: suicidal tendencies, phobias, irrational suspicion of others.
  • Classical combinations for mental illness (Jatak tatwa):
  • Moon associated with Saturn aspected by Mars give depression, aggression or both.
  • Moon and Rahu in 8H indicates phobias.
  • Malefic in 8H & Moon conjunct Venus in Kendra.
  • Saturn associated Mars in 6H (disease etc.); in 8H (deep thinking affliction).
  • Su+Mu+Ma in Lagna or in 8H and aspected by malefic.
  • During eclipse (i.e., Ra/ke affliction to Moon); Saturn Mars in 6/8H& Lagna/trines without Jupiter’s association.
  • Moon in 6H Rahu in Lagna.
  • Week Mo+Sa in Lagna or 8H or 12H (Moon is good in Taurus or Cancer in Lagna and Mo+sa in 4/10/12H gives good RY).
  • Jupiter in Lagna &Saturn or Mars in 7H indicates mental disturbance.
  • Saturn in Lagna & Mars in 5/7/9H.
  • Disease in manifested in D/AD.


  • Convulsions by short or current in brain.
  • Classical combination: same as of mental illness.
  • Moon and Saturn aspected by Mars.
  • Moon and Rahu in 8H.
  • Saturn and Mars in6/8H.
  • Rahu in Lagna and Moon in 8H.
  • Eclipse time birth and Jupiter & Mars in 6/8H – Jointly or separately.
  • Su+Ma+Sa conjunct together in 8H.

Congenital illness:

  • Adverse D/AD at birth i.e., of:
  • Functionally malefic or planet associated with it.
  • Planets associated with Lagna or LL and 6/8/12H or their Lords.
  • Weak Lagna or LL.
  • Affliction to Moon causing Balarishta.
  • Aspect of strong Jupiter or Lagna, LL or on Moon; natural benefic in Kendra and malefic in 3/6/11H cancels the above.

Disease of eye:

  • Parameters:
  • Sun: indicates right eye.
  • Moon: indicates left eye.
  • Venus: significator for eye, vision and lens of eyes; with Saturn it gives small eyes.
  • 2H/2L: 2H indicates vision, right eye; 2L in 6/8H indicates eye/vision defect.
  • 12H: left eye; Moon in 12H indicates damage to left eye; Sun in 12H indicates damage to left eye; Sun in 12H indicates damage to right  eye.
  • Classical combinations:

  • Su, Mo, Ma & Sa in 2/12Hor 6/8H in any way indicates loss to eye sight.
  • Sun and Moon in Leo Lagna aspected by Saturn indicates congenital blindness, may be born blind.
  • Sun is Lagna (bad for eyes) in:
  1. Aries indicates inflammation of eyes (though Sun as 5L exalted in Lagna gives Raj Yoga).
  2. Leo indicates night blindness.
  3. Libra indicates blindness.
  • Sun in Lagna in RKA & malefic in trines.
  • Sun in 2H afflicted by malefic.
  • Two malefic in 2H.
  • Moon in 2H from Sun malefic afflicted.

Ear disease:

  • Parameters:
  • Mercury: Karaka of hearing and communication of all sorts.
  • 3H/3L: concerned with the faculty of hearing; indicates right ear.
  • 11H/11L: indicates left ear.
  • Karaka Mercury (hearing) & Jupiter (ear).
  • Classical combinations:
  • Malefic occupying 3H&11H or 5H & 9H.
  • Mercury in 6/8/12H.
  • Me+Ve in 12H indicates defective hearing of left ear.
  • Me+6L in 6/8/12H aspected by Saturn.
  • Su+Me in 3/6/11H aspected by Mars or Saturn.
  • Mo+Me+Ve and R/K-Axis on 3/9H or 5/11H indicates disease in the interior of the ear.


  • Parameters:
  • Saturn & Rahu’s affliction to all the following:
  1. Bhava Lord.
  2. Concerned Kalapurush sign.
  3. Lord of this sign.
  4. Bhava Karaka & body part karaka.
  • Weak Lagna/LL.
  • 6H/6L’s  association.
  • Confirm in Moon/Sun- Charts.
  • Classical combination for cancer:
  • Saturn or Mars in 6/8H with Rahu or Ketu.
  • 6L in Lagna/8H/10H malefic afflicted.
  • Lagna/LL afflicted, 6L in 6H& Sun with malefic.
  • Cancer Lagna; Jupiter (being 6L), Saturn & Mars all afflicted by 6/8/12L or Rahu or Ketu.
  • 6/8/12L from Sun afflicted by Rahu or Ketu.

Hearts disease:

  • Types of heart disease:
  • IHD (Ischaemic Heart Disease) or CAD (Coronary Artery Disease): Blood supply to a part of cardiac muscle is impaired because of obstruction to blood vessels which supply it. Needs medical or surgical treatment.
  • CHD (Congenital Heart Disease): takes several forms most require surgery and would give complete or partial cure.
  • Cardiomyopathy: heart becomes larger but ineffective to function – no satisfactory surgical or medical treatment.
  • Parameters:
  • Sun: significator for heart.
  • Leo: heart of kalapurush.
  • 5H/5L from Lagna and Sun, DL/ADL: indicates heart of native.
  • 4H from Lagna and Sun: chest surgery; benefic influence indicates corrective surgery.
  • Dasha scheme: of planets associated with Sun, 5H/5L.
  • Classical combination:
  • Saturn in 5H & Sun in Aquarius or in 6H.
  • Malefic afflicted Sun Scorpio.
  • LL weak, Rahu in 4/5H malefic afflicted would give heart attack.
  • 4L in 8H with 8L.
  • 4L&5L afflicted with no benefic association.
  • Ketu in 3H with Mandi.
  • Moon in 6/12H with Mars, Saturn or Rahu indicates sudden attack.

Lung diseases:

  • Parameters:
  • 4H/4L
  • Cancer
  • Moon
  • Classical combination:
  • Sun exchange Moon in D1 or D9.
  • Mo+Sa aspected by Mars gives tuberculosis.
  • Lagna aspected by Mars & Saturn.


  • Parameters:
  • 5H/5L.
  • Jupiter
  • Ketu & Jupiter 6/8 to each other.
  • In the D/AD of afflicted Jupiter the disease happens.

Accident/injury proneness:

  • Parameters:
  • 4H/4L indicates vehicle.
  • 6H/6L indicates wound, fracture.
  • 8H/8L indicates suddenness.
  • 12H/12L indicates hospital.
  • Mars indicates wound.
  • Venus indicates vehicle.
  • Relation with Lagna/LL.
  • Moon-Chart is seen for confirmation.
  • D/AD of afflicted parameters.
  • Classical combinations:
  • Exchange of 4L with 6L.
  • Moon or 4H afflicted by Mars.
  • Sun in 10H aspected by Mars from 4H indicates vehicular accident.
  • LL& Mars in 6/8/12H.
  • 6L in 6/8H indicates ulcers or bruises on body.
  • LL, 4L & Saturn in 4H, Moon in 7H& Mars in 10H & Mars with malefic in Kendra indicate injury or death by drowning.


 Due to deficiency of hormone insulin (produced by pancreas gland) metabolism of glucose is disturbed indicating excess glucose in the blood and body tissues but can not be utilized giving complications affecting all parts of body.

  • Parameters:
  • Jupiter: significator of lever and upper part of pancreas.
  • Venus: part of pancreas, hormonal system.
  • 5H/5L: upper abdomen.
  • Classical combinations:
  • Jupiter debilitated or in 6/8/12H.
  • Saturn & Rahu afflicting Jupiter.
  • Jupiter combust in R/K-axis.
  • Venus in 6H aspected by Jupiter from 12H.
  • 5L conjunct 6/8/12H.


  • Parameters:
  • Venus: Significator of appendix.
  • 6H/6L: site of appendix.
  • Generally characterized by affliction to Taurus and Gemini signs & Venus.


  • Parameters:
  • Moon, Venus & 4, 8, 12 signs- watery planets and signs – their relation to Sun, Mars, Saturn& Rahu
  • Venus: Karaka of beauty of skin.
  • Classical combinations:
  • Moon & Venus malefic afflicted in watery sign indicates white leprosy.
  • Moon, Mars & Saturn all in Aries or Taurus indicates white leprosy.
  • 6L with Sun in Lagna indicates blood leprosy.
  • Mars in Lagna, Saturn in 4H & Sun in 8H.
  • Su + Ma+Sa in any house.
  • Moon, Venus, Sat & Mars in watery sign.
  • Me+Sa in 7H.

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