about us

Who is Vinay Bajrangi

I, Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, am a trustworthy Indian Vedic astrologer who acts as a facilitator for helping you to achieve your ultimate goals and am also dedicated to the cause till you get the desired goals. And this happens just by guiding you to alter your path as per movement of the planets in your natal chart. Over the last twenty years I have mastered the techniques of Indian Vedic astrology and even evolved some of my own to decipher the charts and correct the path of individuals so that the individual reaps maximum benefits in their voyage that is life.
What is my group and when did we start:
With my accomplished and dependable group, we form an organisation suitably called Bajrangi Dhaam whose literal meaning is “Abode of Bajrang Bali”. This group came in to existence since June 2003 and prior to it; the function was more on solitary front. Our Head Quarters “Bajrangi Dhaam” is in Noida, a city adjoin the capital of India. We have friendly Upayay consultants who are there for your help before and after consultation with me. They are more than happy in assisting you and clearing your doubts from time to time.
Our accomplishments:-
From our inception we have catered close to a million clients , yes one million clients through various methods and the figure is growing. The huge clientele could not have been possible, should our approach was not found up to the mark.
I as an individual am associated with a number of Vedic astrological foundations in India and around the world. I receive invitation to present my research on various platforms be it print or television medium. I regularly write for leading Indian newspapers.
Bajrangi Dhaam is also associated in various social activates which includes educating girl child, cleanliness drives in the city apart from free mass Hawans and Poojas for people who cannot afford the cost. The Dhaam also distinguishes in providing free astrological guidance and goods to people who cannot afford the cost.