Dr. Vinay Bajrangi employs unique methodologies that synchronize the events in your past life with the past of your present life and the current problems that let you shut your eyes in anguish. He will present to you candid reasoning, suggesting you the right paths and ways to overcome them and make your life peaceful and blissful. His methodologies might include several, but easy steps:


Confirmation of Your Birth Date


First off, Dr. Bajrangi collects the prerequisites such as Date of Birth and Time, the quintessential elements in determining and shaping your future. In case, there are any apprehensions or differences in date and time, he attempts to determine the correct date and time of birth by means of various approaches. If, in case, these attempts are also not successful, he goes ahead in determine your future, based on the horoscope of your siblings or offsprings.


Study of Past Life


By analyzing your present life, he depicts your past life and explains the reasons of the problems you’re encountering at present.


Analyzing Your Kundli / Birth Chart


He then assesses your Kundli thoroughly by means of various approaches that include:

  • Maharishi Brighu
  • Maharishi Parashar
  • North Indian techniques
  • South Indian Naadi method
  • Vaasthu Science

Finally, he recommends appropriate remedies to do away with the torments you are facing in the present life, thereby bringing peace. More importantly, he lets you know the cautions you must take about Karma Korrection within yourself. This is a distinct method employed by Dr. Bajrangi.


Also, he candidly presents to you the predictions he has made, in the process, about your future life, with all the anticipated good and bad things that you’ll encounter in your imminent life.


He’ll suggest you some time-bound remedies to get rid of the obstacles and problems in life that are mercilessly taking away your peace. Periodic feedback will be taken to know the progress of your situation during the time frame mentioned for solutions.


After the specified duration and achieving the desired result, you’re required to provide direct feedback through a confidential link between you and Dr. Bajrangi.