Beneficial Gems For You


Gems stones are powerful astrological tools which can strengthen the planet and the desired results could be obtained. But before getting to know which one is best suitable for you, understand the following things which nobody will tell you:

  • Putting on a gemstone strengthens the sign which is PRITHI TATWA and if the sign is not PRITHI TATWA then only that percentage of the Rashi gets strengthened which could be attributed as PRITHI TATWA
  • Putting on a Gem stone becomes essential when either a PRITHVI TATWA Rashi is to be strengthened or a planet going to a PRITHIVI TATWA Rashi has to be strengthened.
  • Putting a gem stone could bring instantaneous materialistic results.
  • These results could be both good as well as bad.
  • Only around 15 percent remedial measures necessitate putting on a Gem stone.
  •  If you are not comfortable putting on a Gem stone then there is a chance that there may be an alternative to it.
  • Putting multiple gem stones can really hamper the cause for which they are worn.

Understand this also:- Gems stone effect in two ways firstly the ring compresses the designated nerve in the finger which ignites the designated planet through acupressure and secondly the gem permits some Sun rays to pass through it and enter our system through our finger thereby propitiating the planet. These sunrays restrict those colors of sunrays which are not required and let pass those rays which are required. This way the designated planets get strengthened. This further means that:

  • Gem stones should be essentially worn in the designated fingers.
  • Putting them around the neck will serve no purpose.
  • The purity of the stone should never be compromised.
  • Understand which metal or Dhatu suits which stone so that its influence on you increases.

Now something about which Gem stone has to be put:

Understand that there are defined rules for putting up the gem stone.

  • It is not as per your Dasha
  • It is not as per your Gochar
  • It should not relate to 8th house of your D-1 Chart.
  • It should not relate to 12th House of your D-1 chart in any way.
  • Strengthen the 1st or the 5th or the 9th houses of D-1 chart and the immediate two rules above should also suffice.
  • The life span of the stone is limited, 8years in general. Replace the stone after that.
  • Never ever put a gem stone without abhimantran or pran prathistha .
  • Never put on a KHANDIT or broken piece in any way.
  • Do not put on a stone used by another person, may he/she be a very close relative.
  • The metal of the ring should be scribbled with the mantra of the planet.
  • The ring should DOSHA MUKTA.

Come i will tell you which suits you the most.