You may have the wrong birth date or birth time due to which the correct horoscope could be a distant dream.

Meet Dr Vinay Bajrangi, who specializes in casting your horoscope by placing the important events of your life , date by date in to the horoscope.

This is an highly specialized job, which requires time, energy, patience and knowledge.

Time because it may take a few hours, energy and patience to sit for so long and knowledge to blend the events in the horoscope.

This requires multiple skills set, no astrological system is full proof enough to deal with this matter single handedly , sometime Bhrighu works, some time Parashari works and sometime you have to deal with the issue with a specific Nadi technique.

Even the physical appearance plays a vital role in casting of the horoscope.

So, be ready for that magical moment, when you could say, yes my correct birth time is now with me and my horoscope analysis are based on accurate birth time & date.